iTokri – The One Stop Shop For Everyone

iTokri- One Stop Shop

If you are searching for a place where you can fulfill your needs of genuine and fashionable clothing, fashion accessories to improve your attire and products to furnish your home then is the only option which is one stop shop for everyone.

When I went through their product catalogue I was amazed to see their product range. I could see almost all the things which I was looking forward to buy for myself.

Various Products is the first and the only online store who has come up with such a wonderful idea of bringing the together the products of Indian culture. With so much hard work, they are finally able to put together the artisans who are mostly unknown to the people.

They have been able to get these artisans the due credit they deserve and spread their work throughout the country and abroad too. You will surely get mesmerized just by looking at the products available with them. Their product range includes

  • Sarees

  • Blouses

  • Cushion Covers

  • Nose pins

  • Quilted bags

  • Embroidered Dupattas

  • Bed Cover Sets

  • Purses and Bangles

  • Cotton Fabrics

  • Handloom Fabrics

  • Handcrafted Jewellery


Phew, I can keep adding the list. There are many more products available. Just as the name suggests, all the products available on are basically products of handicrafts which are undoubtedly beautiful but also displays the heritage and culture of India.

The products are procured from the artisans who know about the old art works and are carrying on with the legacy and making the products which can keep the spirit of India alive. Since there are less machineries involved during the making, the products are of reasonable prices and genuine in quality.

With the concept of online shopping evolving so much these days, the customers look for a one stop place where they can buy most of the products required by them. I was looking for clothes and home furnishing products which are very good in quality and give me and my home an ethnic look.

My Experience

I was surprised when I learned about at first place because they had so many products covered under one roof. When I bought my first product (bed sheet) from, I was a bit reluctant about the quality but when I received my product, I was very happy about it. The colour of the product was exactly the same which I saw in the picture while ordering. The quality of the product was super. Whenever any guest visited my home and saw the bed sheet and praised it, I felt very happy and proud about it. I am surely going to try their other products one by one.

Bed sheet
This is a bedsheet image which is in brown and white color, it is called tie & die print


I am sure that will maintain the quality in their other products too and surely I am going to recommend to all the friends and relatives who have the needs for similar products.

Full marks to for this beautiful concept and understanding the needs of the customers and making available the exact products required. A one stop shop that has a mesmerizing collection

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  1. Very good post. Highly informative for online shoppers to do their shopping on this website. Nicely written and keep up the good work.

  2. This is a very informative post.
    This website looks like a definite destination for all the fashion and home decor needs shopping.

  3. This platform was among the first to give traditional Indian craft online presence. Kudos to them for the initiative.

  4. Oh I didn’t know about 4 thoughts on “iTokri – The One Stop Shop For Everyone”. I am glad you shared that. Well writing and great post. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. iTokri seems to have a fantastic range of products. Have not yet shopped on this platform. Hope to try it out soon, which should be quite soon, considering that as of now all our shopping is online.

  6. iTokri looks like a fantastic range of products. Highly informative for online shoppers to do their shopping on this website.

  7. Wow they really have some amazing products. And my mother is really fond of such items. Would recommend this to her as well. Great job. Keep supporting such businesses.

  8. One-stop shopping destination does seem interesting. From nose pin to bedcovers, rarely we find everything at one place.

  9. Wow I did not know about iTokri before. I love buying Indian fabrics and jewellery. I will look up this website immediately to buy some of these pretty things.

  10. I see that they also offer as per the occasion. They have some yummy mithais for Rakhi. I like the idea of being vocal for local and keeping the culture alive.

  11. I did not know about iTokri before. This looks like a great place for Indian handicrafts. I will definitely check this website for home decor items.

  12. Very good post. Highly informative for online shoppers to do their shopping on this website. Nicely written and keep up the good work.Thanks for the share .

  13. This is a game changer. I am always on th lookout for sustainable products made by Indian artisans which I can directly get without paying to an e commerce giant. I am definitely going to check the products here.

  14. Hey do you know I am a regular shopper of this store and I love the cute doll range they have. I have 2 and I gifted many these dolls for showcase decoration. Aside to that the free gifts they give with every purchase I just love the. Organic packing makes the parcel look so innovative

  15. oh wow. I so wanted to revamp my living space and bedroom. Gonna checkout iTokari for sure to have the best shopping experience

  16. Loving the fact that the site provides all the shopping options. It saves the headache of moving around to find the right piece. Thanks for sharing this.

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