It’s Time To Takecare of our skin with Roopmantra

Thank you so much @roopmantra for the lovely gift hamper.

Hi friends today I am gonna share my experience with the producta of Roopmantra with you .

The hamper of Roopmantra is completely a herbal package which everyone wants to use it. I am glad they choose me to send all these products to me.

Here I showcase to all of you some of the products of @roopmantra which I am personally using from last few days …

ROOP MANTRA AYURVEDIC CREAM:- This cream is a complete Ayurvedic Skin Health solution for the entire family which contains natural liquid extracts such as Aloe Vera, Basil, Turmeric, Lemon, Cucumber, Apple, Carrot, Almond, Draksha, Mulethi, Neem, And Chandan

ROOP MANTRA CUCUMBER FACE WASH:- This face control blemishes and pimples, purify the skin, and of course it removes excess oil and dirt while retaining skin moisture, it contains herbal extract of Cucumber, Neem, Aloe vera and Pudina

ROOP MANTRA ALOE VERA FACE WASH:- We all know Aloe vera is too good for our skin and this face wash remove facial skin dirt which prevents blemishes and pimples and it also removes signs of premature ageing and retains skin’s moisture

ROOP MANTRA MIX FRUIT FACE WASH:- Perfect face wash which enhances skin glow, provides deep cleaning and yes it also prevents blemishes and pimples by removing facial skin dirt

ROOP MANTRA NEEM FACE WASH:- This one is my favourite which helps to remove excess oil, deep-rooted dirt, control blemishes, and pimples and exfoliates skin, makes it dirt and germ-free

ROOP MANTRA LIME & MINT FACE WASH:- This face wash provide proper nourishment to the skin and also helps to remove dryness, roughness and control skin cracking and retain skin moisture

ROOP MANTRA ZERO PIMPLE GEL:- This Gel contains herbal extract of Rosemary, Tea Tree oil, Aloe Vera, Marigold, Nimbu, Green Tea, Tulsi, Neem, Cucumber, Onion, Mentha.
These all herbal helps in removing excess oil, open and clear clogged pores and remove pimples

About its packing I would like to give it 3 stars out of 5

And to the product I would go for 4 out of 5.

To know more about there products you can check their site

So this is all for today friends..

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21 thoughts on “It’s Time To Takecare of our skin with Roopmantra”

  1. Ayurvedic creams are always good for skin and thanks to roopmantra for coming up with these essential products

  2. In a world full of chemicals these days its hard to find such a good and chemical free product like roopmantra . Thanks for sharing such an informative post

  3. This is a fairly new brand for me but the key ingredients sound really interesting. I like that they have vast range to try. Thanks for sharing xx

  4. I have not tried anything from them yet but the take sounds very interesting Pari. I have combination skin and my skin’s needs changes with change in season. I must get couple of products from them.

  5. Roop mantra face washes look really promising! Plus, they are available in so many variants! Will try!

  6. That’s a great range of products! I like the mix fruit facial. Sounds like a great product.

  7. The products range sounds promising from your review, best thing they are herbal made from natural ingredients

  8. wonderful article ! Roop mantra is a really amazing cucumber face wash.the product do not contain any harmful chemicals and do not contain any side effects. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Zero pimples gel and face washes look good and promising. Need to check out

  10. Im using this product from last six months. And yes it have work great on my skin.

  11. I need to try the facewash. Been trying to find the right one since long now.
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