Joint Efforts Of Father And Mother

This has always been a matter of debate whether the efforts of father or the efforts of mother are important for the upbringing of the child. Some will say that the things which a father does are important and some will say that the efforts which a mother does for the upbringing of the child are more important. This debate is endless and we can keep on counting the points for both the sides trying to prove which parent is more important for a child.

Just as we say “Lonely gram cannot break idium”, similarly one parent alone cannot take care of the complete upbringing of a child.

A child needs both parents equally for his development, for his upbringing, to guide him and identify the difference between right and wrong. If any of the parents is not available with the kid then it is for sure that the child will not be able to inculcate all the qualities within.

There are so many different walks of life and to be able to survive in this challenging world a person needs to learn to cope up with all the situations he faces. Parents are the only people from where the training of an individual starts. This is most genuine and practical form of training.

The real life examples can only come from parents. Based on the learning from both the parents a child can develop himself to make himself ready to take on the world.

The basic very basic traits of life such as selfless love, teamwork, taking care of others, the first step of your life, your first meal, the happy moments, the laughter etc are the things which a child gets from his parents even before he goes to a school. How a child performs or behaves with his school mates depend upon how the basic teaching has been done by both the parents.

The contribution of both the parents is very important for the betterment of the life of a child. He needs both the parents equally who can hold both of his hands and make him walk together and move ahead in life.

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  1. So true. Both parents are needed for a balanced upbringing and a debate on who does it better is not needed. However, I must say there are many single parents who do a fantastic job and I have a lot of respect for them.

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