Journey Of Decade

When I became the part of this hop blog I didn’t have any idea about the theme that it was on a decade. Many thoughts came in my mind. Firstly, I decided to write on fiction but then I make my mind and decided to share my story with you. A story about what all happened with me in the last decade.

A story how an emotional lady turns into a strong woman in the last decade. Yes I have gone through the different phases such as happy, sad and even tough period that has made me so strong that now I don’t scare to lose anyone neither I scare to fight any battle in my life, whether it is related to health or anything else, emotionally or mentally.

Let’s start with the year 2009

This year was very delightful for me as I was enjoying my motherhood with my adorable daughter who was just 2 years old. I was a homemaker who loves baking cake and making new innovative food dishes.

It was going on very smoothly with my small but happy family with little ups and downs in our life. Then in the year 2012, I was blessed with a baby boy who completed our family. Everything was going nicely with my two kids, family and hubby.

I used to share my food pictures on Facebook and everyone used to appreciate my cooking skills. On one fine day one female stranger suggested me to take part in a food contest on Facebook and from there I was introduced to a whole new world of Social Media . I won for the first time, though it was a small winning but I was happy that I won. I remember that the prize that I got was a small mixer grinder. I started taking part in a different type of contests and have won many big prizes smartphones, apple iPad, cash prizes and many more things. In fact, every alternate day my door was knocked by the courier man. Those were the golden days of life.

The journey took an another turn when in the year 2013 I started working as an influencer on Twitter
The year 2014 was a very special year for me as it was my 10th-year anniversary which I celebrated by giving lots of surprise to my hubby in different ways.

A drastic change came when I got very sick due to asthma in the year 2015 and I lost my 3rd baby as due to some medical issue I have to go for abortion which led me to depression. I was not able to take care of my kids & went into a silent mode and stop talking with anyone. Those were a hard time for me which took more than 3-4 months for me to come out of this.

As I have seen 2 death in my family because of depression and was seeing how my kids are suffering because I am not able to take care of them. I make myself strong and get back to my routine work, both home and online so that depression don’t hit me back.

Everything was going in full swing till the year I started my own blog. Let me tell you that I was not a writer. Yes writing was never my cup of tea but I don’t know how it started and it’s the 3rd year of blogging. During all these years, I have been diagnosed with many diseases, spondylitis, arthritis, asthma, thyroid, cyst but nothing stop me from my work.

Let me tell you I am very emotional person and quite a darpok person, who can’t stay alone but last year because of CAA I have to stay alone due to the sudden announce of curfew in my city. My kids got stuck in my parent’s home and my in-laws and hubby were out of station and my area was in a bad turmoil. All the incidents were happening on the streets and I was watching them from my balcony being captivated in the four walls of my home. I have witnessed all with my eyes.

An unforgettable black day for Guwahati & it’s resident

But never mind as this phase has made me me very strongly that now I don’t scare. I felt that God has shown me the way so that in future if I have to face any difficulties I can fight with it.

So this is what happened in my last decade and Now I am happy with everything

My work is my passion or you can say it’s my child whom I can’t leave (my work, my blog ). I published an ebook Ehsaas – A special feeling with the help of blog chatter. Started giving campaign as a campaigner and now working as an entrepreneur.

This last decade has made me the strongest person who is independently working and living a happy life with her family and kids. Though during this journey I lost a few friends who were very close to me. I understand the value of time, family and most importantly, I learned it’s good to be practical in life.

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89 thoughts on “Journey Of Decade”

  1. Oh God! you went through so much.. I am so happy that you came out as a strong and brave fighter. It was really a tough decade for you. Wish you cool, calm and a bit relaxed happy decade ahead.

  2. A tumultuous decade indeed for most of us. It’s is past…now live in the present and enjoy what u have. I live all alone for 12 years and I am usually depressed but I fight it off and keep smiling. God bless u and hope u keep smiling and spread the smile too.

  3. Its not easy to share your life so honestly, especially your mental health. I am glad you understood and decided to be strong for your family. Being practical is essential and we all tend to think emotionally. But that is the constant battle of the heart and mind. Loved your post. Wishing you a great decade ahead.

  4. Many congratulations to your achievements, and salute to your courage and optimistic approach towards life, despite of having so much ups and down due to various health issues you fought back and made a come back with a bang, to the normal life and work of your choice, your are truly an inspiration for many of us. Best wishes for coming decades.

    1. You are so brave enough that you shared your story of ups and downs inspite of pain your life threw at you. Your lesson of learning to be practical is so commendable good luck brave soul more happiness to you.

  5. What an inspiring journey Priyal..and the way you have shared your experiences in a sweet and simple way really touched my heart. And I agree being practical is the only way of living in this world !!Hope your health issues have resolved and you stay healthy in the next decade !!

  6. You have been through so much in life but am happy to see how you pulled yourself up and didn’t let your bad health or setbacks stop you from living your life. I am also struggling with my bad health and every other day I feel like leaving everything and just focus on self-care but reading such inspiring journeys I feel I can also fight my way through. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  7. Your last decade has been a mixed bag of varying emotions. But like you mentioned, you have emerged a stronger person!

    Depression is a difficult battle. But acknowledging it is half the battle won.
    I wish you hope, strength and lots of courage this decade…

    Sending good vibes your way.

  8. Thank you for sharing your story. It is an inspiring one. You chose not to give up and found the strength on yourself.
    Best wishes

  9. You have shared your tumultuous decade with such honesty, it is very heartfelt. I am happy you overcame your mental health issues for the sake of your family and kids. That takes a lot of inner strength. May the next decade be full of blessings for you.

    Meena from

  10. We women are blessed despite problems, we come out as a winner and your decade was the perfect example. It is not easy to write about your mental health state but you did. Huge appreciation to you.

    1. Yes I too agree, it’s not easy to discuss mental health, but I did it, as I feel it’s the time we should talk, speak and share so that it doesn’t hit us (depression)

  11. Congratulations on publishing your own book. Guwahati has gone through a big turmoil and I hope you have reunited with your kids and husband. Your never give up attitude has helped you a lot and I admire your strength. Hope you publish many more books and have a great decade ahead!!

  12. You indeed are a strong person. Just follow your passion. Good times are here, just be happy and grateful to God. Keep blogging !!

  13. Such an honest post. I especially admire people who talk openly about mental health issues. Stories like these are needed to be shared as they give courage to others to seek help. So, thank you
    May you have a blessed 2020.

  14. It is again a very inspiring story of a strong man who doesn’t keep her morale down in any situation of her life. I am almost the same, quite emotional and a family person. I can relate to your story. I am glad you came back to your writing journey. I am respecting more you as an individual. More power to you dear!

  15. I liked the style you have summarised the whole decade. Sad to know about your loss, we can’t make it anyhow. But you know one thing, it’s good that you have moved on, for ur lovely kids. Embrace the love you deserve, I wish you luck on this decade.

  16. Congratulations on your ebook in the last decade and now you are a published author. Life takes its own time to show our creativity out in the world.
    Loads of luck in the coming years

  17. A very honest account of your journey from the last decade. It takes a lot of courage to share your mental health and kudos to you for penning it down, wish you a blessed decade ahead.

  18. First of all congratulations for being a wonderful cook. winning so many items is indeed an achievement.. the losses make u stronger n u came out very strongly after the loses. I cannot even imagine the turmoil u must be in during the curfew..when ur kids and family..none was with u.. stay stronger..n stay happier. 🙂

  19. Very few people want to talk about mental health issues. Kudos to you for being open about it. I’m awed by your baking talent and your determination to fight and win against all odds. Best wishes for the decade. 🙂

    1. I feel it’s time everyone should talk about a mental health issue freely. So that they can feel little light and live a peaceful life

  20. That was quite a decade for you. I loved that you are optimistic and kudos for staying strong. Fighting depression and writing about it requires so much courage. I am sure your post will inspire many more to stay strong.
    Wishing you happiness and success.

  21. Your post clearly depicted the various problems you faced and how you overcame them.Congratulations on all your achievements inspite of all the adversity..You wrote a heartfelt post full of honesty..Best wishes for the future..

  22. Life teaches about ourselves through various phases, you are already courageous and not darpok as you handled the phase of depression and came out of it for the sake of yourself and family. Beautiful story of victory.keep writing.

  23. Many more congratulation to your success and you are a woman of strength, courage and inspiration for passionate about what you believe in and do not be afraid to stand alone.
    Wishing you a great decade ahead.

  24. That’s an honest, straight from the heart post. I admire your strength and courage to talk about your personal life. The curfew experience must have been traumatic especially with kids. Stay strong!

  25. Your courage is tremendous although you say you are ‘darpok’!! It shines through your entire post.
    In spite of health adversities you are going on strongly in whatever makes you happy. That is commendable.
    I’m thrilled to hear about the number of prizes you have won through the decade!!
    Be brave, be strong and keep smiling!

  26. Priyal, aapki life me to bahut up n downs aaye hain per mujhe accha laga ki aapne sabka positive tarike se saamna kiya aur ek naye roop me samne aaye , salute you
    Social media se mujhe bhi bahut help mili, bahut bada sahara hai mera bhi ….

  27. I congratulate you on your achievements being a successful food contester, I would love to see you once again with your wonderful food pics. Can understand what you must have gone through when stuck in curfew as I had myself survived Kedarnath floods so stuck in such disaster is not easy emotionally. You are a strong woman and glad to know you are independently working as an entrepreneur, this shows your courage. Look forward to reading Ehsaas.

  28. Rollercoaster decade from joys to sorrows and thankfully ending with happiness again. As someone who is an average cook/baker at best, I commend you for your talent and victories in so many contests. Must have been such a thrill and those prizes sound AMAZING!
    Many hugs for sharing your story, so honestly. You are such a strong woman, and I hope this decade brings you all the happiness in the world.

  29. I know mental health issues are really hard and put a negative impact not only on ourselves but affect our family too. I am really glad that despite facing so many challenges, you had maintained your positive spirit and came out through as a strong person. all the best for new decade.

  30. A poignant description. What happened to your food blog, though? Oh! I just checked out the food section on your blog! No wonder you have won so many prizes! Keep it up! Gratitude! – Rohit Verma

  31. You are indeed a multi talented person – managing so many domains and coming out as a winner. I connected to you the way you have described your overcoming the fear of being alone – I had a similar experience! – Pallavi Acharya

  32. This is one of those candid confessions of a strong lady. Hugs to you for having suffered so much, but still emerged as the winner

  33. Mental health is much ignored in our country and happy to find a strong lady who emerged and shared her pain with strangers. Hope you stay strong against physical alignments too. And wish you many more wins.

  34. An extremely honest post. Most of us do the whole ‘chin up and move on’ without really processing our thoughts. Glad you were able to tide over the setbacks and come out tops. Congratulations on your ebook and wishing you the very best for the future. Keep inspiring.

  35. I wanted to say how much I loved your journey. You are a fighter and a warrior and you’re so in touch with your innermost worries and emotions. Not a lot of women can say that truely. Mental health issues are stigmatized in our country so kudos on speaking up and speaking out. Love and love.

  36. It’s really very tough to share your life so honestly. I am glad you to understood. you are a brave fighter and i salute you, dear. keep smiling and wishing you a great decade ahead.

  37. Beautiful and inspiring journey. I cool only for survival and coz I don’t have an option, so kudos to you. May UK achieve great heights in both, your cooking and writing journey.

  38. The entire country is facing the political turmoil for CAA. Staying alone makes you strong in several ways. You had an eventful journey last decade. Wishes for smooth one in the coming decade.

  39. Life teaches us so many tough things right? But in the end we come out victorious- which is what is important…all good wishes for fantastic and peaceful decade!

  40. Winning prizes boosts your spirits for sure. Internet and social media has given all an equal opportunity. Otherwise how all of us would have known about such contests.

  41. How lovely you have shared what ever you experienced.
    I believe the strength element is within us and it waits sometimes for a situation and that how you surfaced yours.
    I am sorry to hear about the loss, but at the same time appreciate how you fought the battle and are a strong epitome that you are.
    Believe me your children will be strong ones as they see their mumma.

    Best wishes

  42. Oh gosh, being alone during the recent curfew must have been quite scary! You have been through a lot in the last decade. Thanks for sharing your story with us so we can learn from it and take inspiration.

  43. Only when we’re truly in the middle of a crisis do we realise how strong we can be from within. It must’ve been scary to witness all the CAA issues from your balcony as Guwahati was going through a lot that time. More power to you. Keep writing and doing what you love.

  44. You are strong and brave! Ultimately, that’s all that matters. It takes courage to share such a difficult personal journey! Tight hugs and wish you a wonderful decade ahead.

  45. Kudos to you for sharing your story. Many people shy away from discussing about their Mental health. But truly are a SHERO. Good luck with 2020, may you create many wonderful memories and win many prizes this year and in coming years .

  46. We women are truly a multitasker and this story of yours aptly conveys the same. It was good to see that you came out strongly even after facing so many hurdles that the life has thrown at you. Life is all about finding opportunity in each and every challenge to prove your ability. Truly happy for you. Enjoy life to the fullest and keep rocking ahead.

  47. It takes a lot of courage to find positivity in all that you have seen and gone through. But the best part of your story is that you havn’t lost sight of your happiness and found purpose too. More power to you girl.

  48. A very emotional post, and you indomitable spirit is felt throughout. Writing is not essential for a blog. Content, emotions and simplicity is, and you have all those! Good luck and all will be well. Take extra care of your health!

  49. We can feel lonely even in a crowd, but being able to recognize that you need to come out of this shell is the biggest milestone. You have been brave and hope the new decade brings you comfort.

  50. From homemaker to entrepreneur!!! What an achievement. Though you had many obstacles to go through.. it is such an inspiration to read your story through this decade. U r truly a fighter


  51. Wao, you won so many prizes… lucky lady . Congratulations on publishing your first book in the last decade. Hope next decade makes you much stronger

  52. Your writing is honest. Good that penned genuine incident. Best wishes to you

  53. Kudos to you for showing the courage, the strength and never give-up attitude. You have gone through a lot but look at you, you have come out strongly. That is what matters at the end. Congratulations for the wonderful acheivements and wish you many more. Glad you participated in this blog hop and shared your inspiring journey with us 🙂

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