Finally, just few days left to celebrate my most favorite festival i.e. Deepawali – The festival of lights. A lot of customs are associated with this five day festival. From decorating the home to shopping my heart out, everything is going in a planned way to make the festival a lot more happening and cherishable.

But one thing that is always a cause of concern during the Diwali festival is ‘cleaning process’. It is believed that Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi visits only those homes which are clean and well decorated.

Therefore, to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity, cleaning is something that you cannot avoid. Kitchen being the epicenter of all the delicacies being prepared for the festival, requires extra attention. So, in this post of mine I will be talking about some quick tips that you can follow to ensure a hassle free Diwali cleaning.

  1. Proper Planning

When it comes to cleaning the kitchen, proper planning is definitely a requisite. Fancy crockery, chimney, kitchen tiles, Kitchen appliances, gas stove, all these cannot be cleaned be cleaned in a day. So it is always better to divide the tasks so that you can get through the cleaning process easily and swiftly.

  1. Decluttering the Kitchen

The first and foremost step is to declutter the kitchen. Find and dispose of the items that you think are of no purpose anymore as these extra unused and unwanted items make the kitchen look dirty and messy. Decluttering will create room for new things you will need for the festival. Further, you can donate things that you don’t need anymore.

  1. Start with your least favortie areas

Select your least favorite areas first or select the areas which will stay clean for a couple of weeks. Then you can move on to racks and cupboards. Rearrange the items of the cupboards as per your requirement and change the base paper of the shelves.

  1. Clean the Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances should be handled carefully and should be cleaned with precautions. For appliances which are having blades and sharpened edges, make sure to take all the precautions to avoid any cuts. Clean the utensils as per their individual requirement and then place them inside the cleaned cupboards so that they didn’t get dirty.

  1. Time for crockey

When you have cleaned the cupboards and appliances, then it’s the time to clean all those fancy crockery, dishes, bowls and other kitchenware items. You should use the cleanser as per the requirement of kitchen ware like metal kitchenware requires hard rubbing while for plastic and bone-china dishes the case is totally opposite.

  1. Cleaning the Kitchen Stand and Tiles

Cleaning the Kitchen stand and tiles is indeed a time taking process and should not be done in a hurry. You can make your own cleanser from natural ingredients or you can use CIF Multi Purpose Surface Cleaner Cream to clean the kitchen tiles and stand. Let it be cleaning the gas stove or removing the tough grease stains, CIF Multi Purpose Surface Cleaner Cream is sure to make the task easy for you. Natural cleaning particles in the cream ensures shiny clean results without any stains. CIF Multi Purpose Surface Cleaner Cream cleans out grease, dirt, burnt food, etc., effortlessly, and leaves a floral fragrance after use.



Have been using CIF multipurpose cleaner from last couple of months. This product from Cif works effectively on range of surfaces and an remove 100% of the toughest stains and dirt without damaging the surface. All you need to do is apply it on a cloth and wipe over the desired surface and then rinse it away using a clean cloth. Have been using it for cleaning tap, sink, gas stove, quartz, tiles, etc and I am completely satisfied with the results. It leaves a soothing floral fragrance after use which is simply amazing.

So, this Diwali #Don’tJustCleanIt,CifIt and I am sure that you will fall in love with the cleaning experience, courtesy to CIF Multi Purpose Surface Cleaner Cream.

I am using it for my kitchen and bathroom and it works magically. Sharing before and after pictures in my blog post of my wash basin. This product is best to use for cleaning stove, washbasin, tap. I will highly recommend it to all

And, make sure to follow the above tips to clean your kitchen and welcome Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh this Diwali to shower their blessings on all of us.

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