Lets Be Our Kids First Friend

Parents are the first people whom a child meets once he is born. A child knows no one else other than his parents. He is dependent on his parents for everything. His food, clothes, shelter, you name the thing is provided to him by parents. This includes the emotional needs of the child too. A child trusts his parents with everything and attains their security from his parents.

The above process is limited once the child enters the world which is outside his home. The child starts going to school and start to meet new people who are not from his family. He interacts with new people, learn the new ways of life. Usually the child gets attracted to new people and new things and gets molded to these new situations.

The child starts to make friends with other kids. Gradually, the kids shift their trust to their new friends and forget their parents. Apparently the situation doesn’t seem harmful. By making new friends and meeting new people the child can learn new things and enhancing their experience about his life.

There comes the situation where the child starts to trust the outside world more than his parents. The child becomes dependent on his new friends for his emotional needs. The main reason of this change in the kids is usually because the parents get so busy with their work and are not able to give the time which the child wants. Though parents don’t do it willingly or becomes ignorant towards their child. Parents have to arrange for the livelihood of the whole family and hence they are not able to give that regular time to the child.

One important this be noted here is that by every parent and child is that the outer world and the other children can provide the new learnings to the child but they may not be able to transfer the already learned experience which is available only with the parents. Only a parent can completely understand the psychology of the child and provide the emotional support which is a very important need of every individual.

Though the parents are not wrong in getting busy with their work but they need to find out appropriate time to fulfill the emotional needs of their child. Parents and children already have that trust developed between them and they do not have to make any extra effort in maintaining it.

Fulfilling of this emotional need is the most important thing. Both parents and kids can be each other’s friend and hence they both should make their best effort to maintain this friendship. Children need to trust their parents with their friendship right from the start till the end. They need to understand that only a parent can take care of them like no one else.

This is one relation which should be treated as friendship and parents should make their best efforts to be their kid’s first friends and maintain this throughout their life.

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