” Let’s experience some memorable moment with TUBBR “

Hello Friends! Hope you all are doing well, today I am sharing my experience with an app. Let it be the personal or professional, we all are busy in our daily lives but here is an interesting app that will connect us to different fields thus making our life a little more interesting, as in this TUBBR app we get a chance to be a micro influencer,one who can create multiples walls in any field we want to, such as Fashion, Travel, Tatoo, Mehendi, Food, Baking, writing content to many more. The best way to get in touch with others is by subscribing their walls or stories or we can add them as a friend too, in fact, they too can subscribe our walls and add us as a friend and can send msgs. Overall, this app serves a perfect platform to get more creative,learn new things or to check out more amazing things. We can create our walls by uploading images or videos and can upload website link too of our blog to expand its reach. 
It has been just one month, since I downloaded this app and started using it. I have created so many walls related to Food, Travel, Arts, Baking etc……
And you ill be surprised to know that in this short span, I have got 82 subscribers on my Baking’s wall, isn’t it a good news? The best part of this app is that we have the power to control that who can see our walls and who cannot, as we can make the walls as public & private.

I have shared so many stories and pictures of cakes on my Baking’s wall, in fact, I have received lots of messages of appreciation from others. According to me it is indeed one of the
best way to promote our blog or any social media sites of ours, because it has an option of sharing URL too with stories. 

I must say that this app is best way to be a micro influencer by creating walls and create your own content to share with the world 🙂 
I have even subscribed to some walls of my interest like mountains, fitness, street food, sketches of Himalayas.From latest trend about many interesting things to cool ways to keep myself fit, I have to admit that I am getting to know/learn a lot from this app. In my case my most favourite walls which I subscribed is of Garba collection walls, Tattoo walls, Bloom walls, which is my all-time weakness, even I too have a tattoo on my name in my hand so I am planning to share this one too in the story by creating a wall. The feature of this app that I like the most is that one can create any type of walls according to his/her interest, there is no conditions at all….its just have to be decent one 🙂 
If you will be active then there is a chance for your walls to get featured on the app and sometimes your walls can get trend too 

And you know it is available only through invites, so we are more assured that we will have a good crowd over there. As I have already signed up there so by using my Access code ” DAKV43 ” you can join this app through downloading from here

So what are you waiting for guys, be a part of this amazing platform using my access code to add a dash of fun in your life and also get a chance to see the beautiful world in many versions with different ways, ranging from food to fashion, from mountain to nature, from tattoos to sketches, from fitness to daily life routine, from garba to Indian culture, and many more ways. You can create communities on your timeline and make friends too.
Every new user who will join this app get 5 exclusive invites to bring others on board, and with time the invites will be increased. 
So friends, make sure to download the app and don’t miss to add me on your friend list.

Do not forget to share your experience with the app in the comments below.
So let’s create a different world 🙂 
Do have a look at this video to know about the app more nicely TUBBR You Tube

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23 thoughts on “” Let’s experience some memorable moment with TUBBR “”

  1. Tubbr sounds like great platform for creative content. Looks like you have good exposure for your work. Love that we can connect to broad audience via this platform

  2. This app sounds really good and unique. I have not seen such applications before. Thanks for sharing your experience. Definitely need to download.

  3. I am going to download it right after writing my comment. it is always good to learn from others and reading you post gave me a feel how much you are enjoying it.

  4. Thanks for sharing a great platform to get to know more people with similar interests. I’ll try it and see how it is

  5. Loved your amazing artworks. Thanks for letting us know about this awesome app. Gonna definitely try it out soon. 🙂

  6. This app looks interesting. Thanks for sharing with us. Hope many can use the same code else will message you directly.


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