Mother Sparsh Unveiled Premium 99% wipes with Medical Grade Cloth

With the advent of winters, we mother’s need to be extra conscious for our little munchkin. The climate of these days can expose the munchkin’s skin to dryness and even infection. Being more organised is the best way to enjoy happy times with the little infant , without any hassles.

Mother Sparsh new wipes is one such product. Mother Sparsh, India’s Wipes Brand, has launched premium 99% Water based Baby Wipes featuring medical grade cloth. These unscented/fragrant free pure water wipes are specially designed for newborns, infants with sensitive skin and also meant to clean the hands and mouth of children.

Baby’s skin is 10 times more delicate than adult skin, hence presence of perfumes, petrochemicals can lead to rashes, redness & allergy in babies. Keeping this in view, Mother Sparsh 99% Baby Wipes is specially formulated for extra sensitive skin of newborns

Mother Sparsh wipes stands out amongst others, courtesy to their features. Unlike other wipes, these baby wipes are made with the finest natural plant fabric and 99% pure water that are free from parabens, alcohol,sulphates and any other chemicals, thus making them the safest option to clean delicate skin of Neonate. Mother Sparsh wipes are not only formulated with 99% water wipes without perfume but they have also added the goodness of medical grade super thick fabric.

With fabric being derived from natural plant, Mother Sparsh wipes are three times thicker than any other ordinary wipes, thus making them quite effective to clean baby’s delicate skin. Moreover these wipes are equipped with the goodness of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera that helps to retain moisture and hence gently moisturizes the baby’s skin as well, making them best in the category for extra sensitive or extra gentle skin of the baby.


Mother Sparsh 99% Water Wipes are Hypoallergenic (No allergenic) and dermatologically tested, hence safe on baby’s mild & gentle skin. And we can easily use it for cleaning my baby’s face, hand and body. Now no more worries of kid putting his/her dirty hands in mouth as these wipes can thoroughly clean their hands of dirt naturally without exposing them to chemicals.

Water is the gentlest element on the planet and combining it with all natural plant derived fabric makes these baby wipes, quite gentle to the most sensitive part of the baby’s body. Instead of using plastic and petrochemicals, Mother Sparsh uses super soft plant derived fabric that makes it gentle for baby’s skin as well as for environment too as they are 100% biodegradable.

Few points about Mothersparsh’s wipes, which will make it easier for you to know about this product.

* Extra gentle wipes perfect for neonate sensitive skin

* 99% water wipes

* Plant made which is derived from plant pulp

* Suitable for mouth and hand cleaning

* This cottony cloth fabric is gentle for sensitive part of the body

* Moisture lock lid

* Fragrance free

* The wipes are dermatologically tested

* Clinically examined for infection sand rashes

* 3 times thicker then ordinary baby wipes

* A natural and 100% biodegradable wipes

Features Comparison of Mother Sparsh 98% scented & 99% unscented water wipes


The new Mother Sparsh 99% water based baby wipes are available at all leading retail outlets and are also available online on Amazon, Flipkart and Firstcry. These wipes provides all around protection to your little one and that too at a reasonable price. The wipes are affordably priced at INR 299/- for a pack of 72 wipes and INR 499/- for a combo of 2 packs. The wipes container has a lid lock to be closed after every use to prevent moisture loss, prevents the entry of germ or dirt and also makes it easy to carry them around.

Mother Sparsh has formulated the fabric used in wipes with only natural and organic contents which makes it 100% biodegradable. Parents can rest assure that the wipes secure for their babies and safe for the environment as well.

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  1. This seems to be genuinely interesting read. Never could have thought like this.

  2. Thanks for telling about this new product from MotherSparsh. Have been using MotherSparsh products for my baby and must say they always exceeded my expectations. Looking forward to purchase these wipes for my munchkin.

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