My Experience With 82°e Which Deals In Beauty Products

Mirror Mirror on the wall…… Who’s the fairest of them all? When it comes to word “beauty” we first think about the mirror. Isn’t it? We see ourselves in mirror, sometimes we feel good, sometimes we feel stressed while seeing a pimple on our skin. Well…. well…. well, it’s something that everyone can relate to.

So in this blog post of mine I will be discussing about one of the brands which is kinda new but you gonna definitely be attracted to it. And it’s 82°E.

You must be wondering what I am talking about. Well, 82° E is a beauty brand. They have skin care products that have been rigorously sourced, carefully crafted and clinically tested. And I have bought
Lotus splash conditioning cleanser and Manjishta Mud which is one of the best products in their store

About Lotus Splash

Lotus Splash is a gentle face cleanser that freshens our skin. The packaging of this product is very impressive. In love with the bottle and the fragrance of the cleanser is too good. It cleanses pores and helps remove oil, and makeup in one application. This product gently hydrates as well as moisturizes the skin. The price of this product is 1200/-


Manjishtha Mud

Manjishtha Mud mask is one of the best mask which I have came across. First of all, I was quite impressed with the packaging of this product. This mask helps to remove excess oil and dirt from our face, before going to any party we can use it and our skin feels rich and looks quite good as well. It clears pores too. The usage process is also an easy task. First clean your face and then apply the mask, and leave it for 20-35 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and gently massage the skin with your
fingertips. Pat dry and then follow up with a moisturizer.

Last but not the least, the bottle looks so attractive that we can reuse it for another purpose. 😅😅


82°E mission is to make the practice of self-care a simple joyful and effective part of every day. It has been one year since this brand was launched, but it has left a good impact on us courtesy to their way of
catering to the needs of customers. My overall experience of using both the products was very nice. The products are suitable for all types of skin. I am excited to give a try to other products from their store.
Definitely a must recommend for everyone.

And yes if you guys are using it or planning to use it then please do share your experience with me, I would love to listen them all. Let me finish it here and will surely come up with my new blog post. Till then bye and good day to all

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