My Experience With Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

Personal Hygiene is quite an important part if you want to ensure good health. Keeping the body clean prevent illness and infection from bacteria or viruses. Hence, it should be made sure to have proper hygiene of intimate which is an aspect of personal hygiene. Intimate area is delicate and can be prone to infection so additional care need to be taken.

With Vagina having an acidic pH, proper intimate hygiene habits need to be followed so as not to upset this pH balance and therefore help to avoid vaginal infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis or can result in mild infections are the usual causes of very common problems of itching, irregular white discharge, irritation and rashes in the intimate areas. One such way to ensure hygiene of intimate area is by using the intimate wash. Recently I came across the Everteen Natural Intimate Wash and I used it for nearly a month. In this post of mine I will be sharing my experience with this particular product from everteen.

Coming from the renowned Indian brand, Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is scientifically designed that helps in promoting body’s natural vaginal balance and maintain complete vaginal hygiene without any side effects. everteen® Natural Intimate Wash contains 100% natural active ingredients making it mild and suitable for all skin types. Furthermore it is approved by Indian FDA.

Have been using it and the results are quite amazing. Available at quite an affordable price, this Natural intimate Wash from everteen comes in a transparent plastic bottle with pink flip top. All you need to do is flip the bottle and take out a dime sized liquid on your palm and use it for cleaning the intimate area. The liquid has quite a fresh and pleasant smell and it also foams up easily and the lather is soft too. As this product is soap, SLS and ELS Free so it goes off easily while washing leaving a clean skin which doesn’t feel dry as was the case when I used the initimate wash from other brands.

It prevents unpleasant and unnatural odors, and also provide relieve from vaginal itching & burning, making it quite effective for using in the time of periods. As during the time of menstruation, vagina’s pH changes, so it is important to take extra care at that time of the month.

For your convenience I am summing the features of the everteen® Natural Intimate Wash in bullet points as follows:

1) Contains 100% Natural Active Ingredients.

2) Promotes Body’s Natural Vaginal Balance.

3) Maintains Complete Vaginal Hygiene.

4) Prevents odor, itching and white discharge.

5) Quite helpful in the time of Periods.

6) Exceeds The Expectations By Doing What It Claims.

7) Gently cleanses and keep the area fresh for quite a long time.

I, myself has been using this product from everteen for nearly one month and I am pretty satisfied with the results of this product. Hence going by it’s amazing features, I will recommend you to do try the everteen® Natural Intimate Wash if you are searching for a product with the above mentioned features.

9 thoughts on “My Experience With Everteen Natural Intimate Wash”

  1. I too started using this intimate wash, and yes it’s very safe for us, and we all girls should start using it

  2. Thanks for telling us about this product from Everteen through this post.

  3. Personal hygiene bahut jaruri hai, everteen k barey me maine sab positive reviews hi dekhe hain

  4. Many times we ignore the hygiene of intimate areas. This product seems to be a good way to ensure proper cleanliness and get rid of the odor. Thanks for your review. I will surely try this soon. 🙂 #alexanonstop #arushireads

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