My Review About Traya Health- A holistic solution for hairfall

Have you ever noticed an increase in hair loss after being unwell? You are not alone. It turns out hair loss is not as superficial as we thought it was. Years of aggressive marketing have conditioned us to believe that hair loss is a result of a poor hair care regimen, using the wrong shampoo, and not eating enough biotin gummies.

But I recently found out that that’s not the case. I have been struggling with hair loss during various phases of my life. However, for the past few months, a flurry of health and lifestyle issues led to an increase in hair loss. So, today we are going to talk about hair loss treatment, welcome to my Traya review.

So what is Traya?

Traya health is a new-age health tech start-up that provides online diagnosis and holistic treatment for hair loss conditions. I was trying to do some research to understand why my hair loss had increased so suddenly. I came across Traya Health. The traya review that I read online was quite interesting and unlike any hair loss treatment or solutions that I had seen earlier.

So I was super excited. I filled their free online diagnosis form (Traya Dx) and to my surprise – The questions weren’t all about texture, volume, and hair goals like I was used to seeing. They asked me about all the things that I was going through, only I had no idea that those could be causing my hair loss.

For example, they asked me about my digestion (whether I had constipation, loose motions), low metabolism and absorption (indicated by low energy levels), high stress, poor sleep pattern, health issues, hormonal imbalances, and poor scalp health (dandruff). Turns out all these things were just adding to my hair loss and I had no idea.

Once I submitted the form I was given the option to schedule a free call with a Traya hair expert. I also was shown a result page that had the recommended Traya treatment. So during the call, I asked them about how they came to my diagnosis. They helped me understand that they have a unique algorithm that was created after intense research with numerous doctors. These questions were made to mimic the questions that doctors would ask anyone who visited them for a hair loss consult.

They contain markers of different hair loss conditions. And based on those cues the result page is curated for individuals. Apparently, each hair loss condition has distinctive symptoms. There are three most common hair loss are:

Androgenic Alopecia:

Female or Male Pattern Hair Loss is genetic and affected by internal health, health conditions, diet, stress, sleep, and environmental exposure. In men, it presents as a receding hairline and hair thinning in the crown area. Whereas, in women, it presents as hair thinning around the partition. Traya review mentions that they have a 93% success rate in treating pattern hair loss if you come to them between stages 1-4 and follow the treatment for 5 months.

Telogen Effluvium:

A hair loss condition that causes rapid, excessive, and sudden hair loss. It happens as a result of an illness (such as Covid, dengue, malaria, TB, typhoid), long periods of very high stress, taking certain medications, and also post-pregnancy. While temporary this hair loss condition can cause one to panic but it can be easily resolved. If you read traya review you’ll see they have treated a lot of people with this condition, especially since the onset of Covid-19.

I was diagnosed with the former. And suggested a treatment plan which had components to take care of all those triggers. And that’s why their treatment is holistic and so unique. Because they give me fixes for all the things that were increasing my hair loss. I was given gut shuddhi for my digestion, health tatva for my metabolism, ketoconazole 2% for my dandruff, traya scalp oil for stress, and a diet plan.

Once I received the kit, I saw that it contained the treatment and a prescription that had the doctor’s credentials. Once my treatment kit was delivered I also got a call from my hair coach – Sakshi. Hair coaches are doctor-trained individuals who act as personal guides for you throughout your Traya treatment. They call you once you receive the treatment plan to explain how to use the treatment. And then stay in touch with you periodically to ensure you are consistent.

If you read traya review you’ll see that all the people who see results have used the treatment for 5 months or more. So the commitment to fix your hair loss will eventually come down to you. Not only that your recovery will depend on the stage of your hair loss and your age.

So, I’ve just started using my kit and I am super excited. Because traya review mentions people have seen an improvement in their overall health. So stay tuned for my traya review of the results after using it for a month. I’ve been told that the first month will be used to fix my dandruff and internal health triggers. So If you have any questions reach out to me here or reach out to team traya right here.


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13 thoughts on “My Review About Traya Health- A holistic solution for hairfall”

  1. I am hearing a lot about traya hair care products and services all across the web. will surly check out their website to know more. thanks dear for sharing your honest review with us.

  2. Traya seems to have an innovative approach to hair care. I like the fact that they address hair issues, not in an isolation, but in a very holistic manner. The best part is that this can be done online. I guess, I would like to explore more details of their treatment.

  3. Post pregnancy, even my wife experienced hair fall issue until it became a genuine concern for her. Although she consulted a dermatologist back then, I wish she had known about Traya hair care products and services earlier.

  4. Love the idea of a call with a hair expert. That way u can be sure of the products u use on your scalp. THE products seem promising.

  5. I am using this for a month now and have had a significant result. Happy to read that it worked for you too!! Very useful post for all!!

  6. I am hearing a lot of raving reviews about this brand dear, having read you I am sure grabbing this range at the earliest

  7. I have seen these products on social media when a friend reviewed them. Glad to know your views coincide with hers too. I am definitely keeping this as a product to add to my shopping list.

  8. I will surely try out Traya Health hair products as I really need a complete solution for my hair. I am always on the lookout for good products and Traya products have surely gained lot of attention. Thanks for this recommendation.

  9. Traya hair solution surely sounds to be an effective solution to maintain and prevent hair loss. In males and females both there are numerous reasons why hair density reduces so thanks for telling us about Traya.

  10. Traya seems to have an innovative approach to hair care. Will surely check out their website to know more.

  11. My hairfall is unbelievable. Of late I went for a spa and the lady out there couldn’t do it properly because bher hand was getting entangles in the lost hair. Sury goinna try this hair solution

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