My First Love – Life is beautiful because of you 💕

I still remember the day when I first met you….as it is a moment which is etched on my heart forever. It was a very special day for me, because My father introduced you to me for the first time. Each of my sibling was quite jealous as our father allowed only me to meet you first but I was least bothered about anyone at that time, because I met you my Love!

You have beautifully changed my life by entering in my life. As it is all because of you I have learned so many things in life, you have gave me so many amazing reasons to wear a smile by bringing me close to many people & introducing me to so many new things which were really new to me.

I was totally unaware about many things in life, I remember how you always managed to help me to wake up early in the morning and remind me of every important dates.

Our bonding is increasing day by day, in fact my hubby is jealous of you. Not only him, I can say each and everyone in my family is jealous of you. Because I am more connected to you rather than anyone else in this beautiful world.

The connection between you and me are beyond anyone imagination. I love the feeling when I touch you, hold you with my hand.

Whenever I get confused or need to get an answer of anything you are there to help me out. You are the answer to everything. With you my life is so easy & simple.

And in this valentine month I would like to say thank you ………dil se for being with me from last 20 years. This 20 years journey is simply splendid in every way.

“Tum ho tho khushiyan saath hai, jo tum nahi toh yuh lagta udhashiyan ne gher liye ghum se”

Today I have my own identity, people know me, just because of you. You are always there for me. I know many people are upset with me because I spend most of the time with you , as you were there with me, when there was no one to hold me, to support me, to encourage.

Today people know me from my name “Priyal Poddar” and it feels so good to hear from others.

Thanks to my dear ” Mobile” for being with me in my entire journey,helping me get ahead on the path of success, for giving me the reason to smile. Just can’t think of leaving my mobile for a second as it always has a reason to put a smile on my face. Let it be happy or sad phases of my life, my mobile has been always there for me like a true companion. Me and my mobile are truly made for each other…..A match made in heaven……Koi Shaq? πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰

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80 thoughts on “My First Love – Life is beautiful because of you 💕”

  1. Woow wat a love story…. The suspense in the end was really awesome… Well written dearie

  2. Nice. And so true. Mobiles are becoming our first love
    A suggestion, if you hadn’t put the pic in the beginning, it would have sounded even better
    All the best

  3. Uff I was mesmerized by the romance, but it was not a man! Brought a smile to my face. Yes..mobiles rule now! Lovely blog.

  4. Mobile has become everybody’s valentine today. No matter how much we try to stay away from it, we get more closer. “Dooriya bardashta nahi hoti hai”

  5. Hahahaha I think every reader can resonate with your thoughts. Love the twist in your tale

  6. Indeed an intense romance. It’s difficult to show love to things not living. But this post does justice to how you feel and express your emotions. Loved it.

  7. What a great story! And so true it is for so many people. It sounds like such an amazing wonderful friend…5hat doesn’t talk back unless you ask it to haha. Dont know what we would do without our ‘mobile’ friend!

  8. ha ha ha…. this is real suspense, till the end I couldn’t guess who is your first love. amazing creativity… hope you have insured your phone πŸ™‚

  9. mobile wow… what an expression of love never changes..right from its evolution til date infact increasing with time

  10. Haha with every new post, I am unfolding different objects to love and cherish. Mobiles indeed have become our first love and we can’t imagine our lives with a dead phone. Good one!

  11. We are glued to our mobiles for huge chunks of time, who wouldn’t fall in love with them. And they never break our hearts, haha… lovely blog.

  12. And what are we without our mobile phones! How beautifully and humourously you have described its importance! Loved reading it πŸ™‚

  13. I agree that all husbands have a reason to be jealous of mobile phones. Your words made me fall in love with my own mobile phone *haha

  14. Oh yes, these days mobile phones are everyone’s first and sometimes only love!

  15. So true and I was wondering why nobody wrote about it πŸ™‚ nicely written..we should actually stop saying that anything or anybody else than mobile is our soulmate.

  16. So well expressed, Priyal. Mobile is becoming everyone’s valentine and the bane of the spouse’s life. My husband curses the day I got the smartphone in my hand, LOL.

  17. What would we do if there weren’t any mobiles in our lives?! Had fun reading about your long-lasting love with it. πŸ™‚

  18. Ahhh… It’s a mobile,so truly written Ur every word makes justice to Ur love for mobile phone… No Shaq he is Ur match made in heaven

  19. Mobiles are the first love any day..I am in such a non demanding relationship with it . I love it πŸ™‚ nice post

  20. Aah I was wondering why no one thought about their love for the lifeline – mobile! We have to admit they are sometimes the most important. Lovely write up Priyal.

  21. Thanks to advent of technology that we have such a trusted partner! Mobile is one such darling without which I am so incomplete too.
    Interesting take on the prompt

  22. Awe…you broke my heart and certainly your better half by giving so much attention to mobile…nice twist in the tale

  23. i cannot do without my mobile, but there are times, I consciously let it go and switch it off. my husband remains irked if I use it too much.
    #vday #blogtrain

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