My Growth As A Blogger & Influencer

Few years back no one knows about social media marketing.Influencing and blogging was not in trend. But steadily and slowly renowned brand started promoting their products and their brand through the help of bloggers and influencers.

Following their footsteps other brands also started to take the help of influencer marketing to connect with bloggers and influencers.

Influencing Marketing  plays an important role by helping the brands in collaborating with relevant influencer/blogger in their niche to promote the brand and increase their revenue. A solid planning and a deep understanding is needed to achieve the target audience and marketing objective.

My Growth As A Blogger & Influencer

I am sharing about my growth being a blogger and influencer with you. This post deals with how I started with nothing and finally reached a place where I am happy to be..

Starting with current year, this year has been very special for was me. As I received a call from my city Guwahati. It was Neha the president of JCI organization. JCI is a renowned organisation in India.

She invited me to felicitate me on the occasion of women’s day for the best entrepreneur award. I can’t tell you my happiness, this is a dream come true moment. Getting an invitation for an award that too from my city.

Last time, I felt the same happiness was the moment when I was informed by an unknown person from Goa that she had read an article about me in a local newspaper called Navbharat Times i.e.” How a homemaker turn into a blogger” and this incident was of last year.

It has been 4 years I am doing blogging and influencing as an Instagrammer. I have put my best efforts to reach this place. There were times when I felt like giving up. But this is the true happiness. Yes, when I work I feel good from inside, though it takes time, effort, and hard work but in return, it puts a smile on my face.

My starting days were very difficult I started as a Twitter influencer and used to get 7-10 per tweet. Though the volume of tweets were large. But still I was not happy. So I decided to started collaborating on Instagram on a barter basis. Slowly I started getting paid collaboration on Instagram and there was no turning back.

In 2018 I started my self hosted blog. I started it to write my feelings and experience as one of my friend forced me to start writing on my blog . The initial days were good, I was busy in handling all my social media platforms. I started getting works. And today I am proud to see what I have achieved with my hard work and efforts. But still there is long way ………………to touch the sky.

Though this year has surprised me with some best news. Firstly, I have been featured among top 100 lifestyle bloggers in India by The Founder of this website is Mr. Anuj. Secondly, my blog has been featured as the top best blogs in India by Last but not the least,  the superb news is that I won the Parent blogger award by Infinity Award.

Touchwood…but truly I am happy, I wish every homemaker get inspired by me. And start working from home to have their identity. Believe me, this gives a very different feeling when you start working for yourself.  We just need to believe in ourselves and have to work hard to turn our dreams into reality.

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13 thoughts on “My Growth As A Blogger & Influencer”

  1. Wow your journey is super inspiring Priyal and I agree if we work hard with constant dedication then we achieves the goals that we have dreamed for life. many congrats for receiving best entrepreneur award, indeed impressive.

  2. Priyal, I remember our initial talks when we got connected for some collaboration. You have come a long way and still many milestones are waiting for you. Good luck and best wishes!!

  3. Congratulations on your growth and it is an amazing journey. I have grown over the years too with my blogging and I am really happy with the progress I have made. Hope you have more collabs and milestones in your journey.

  4. What an inspiring journey dear. Congratulations on your achievements. Hope you get more collabs and rewards in your blogging journey.

  5. I really like the way you have made a successful name in the blogging industry. It’s purely because of your hard work and dedication towards your work.

  6. It’s amazing to know about your journey, Priyal. You’ve grown admirably and that’s a huge achievement in itself. My best for more such awards and recognitions. Congratulations!

  7. That is an inspiring post. Being an homemaker is not an easy job; on top of that creating your own name in the blogging space can be daunting as there is so much competition these days. Hats off to you for managing both with ease.

  8. This is amazing post and such an inspirational journey. Wish you loads of success and may you keep on inspiring lot of people along your journey.

  9. This is an amazing post. Your journey is indeed interesting and impressive. Wish you loads of success Priyal. You are a great blogger and an amazing friend.

  10. Wow you’ve had a wonderful journey as a Blogger and an influencer and indeed it is going to inspire many women who are seeking away to do something for themselves from home.

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