Never Appreciate Kids When They Are Wrong

A little appreciation is always needed to inspire in life or the work we do in our life. It’s applicable for all of us, not just only for kids. Appreciation gives us a sense of satisfaction……Isn’t it?

According to me, getting appreciated brings more positiveness in us and gives the much-needed zeal to work harder in order to get success. Even kids loves it when we as parents appreciate them for their small efforts or any work they do. They want to work more to get appreciated by parents especially small kids and I think all of you have witnessed it.

For example, if you have appreciated your kid for his/her drawing, then he/she will make another drawing and show it to you to get the appreciation.

But as today we all are stuck in lockdown and busy in household work because of the coronavirus effect. And in this tough time, my kids are helping me to do the household work. I am sure all the lovely moms are also getting help from their kids at home. And whenever we compliment or appreciate them for the efforts they do the work from heart, in fact, they want to help us more.

But what I feel is that we should appreciate them but only when they are doing good deeds or good work. We should refrain from appreciating them when they are wrong. Like if they don’t keep their plates in the kitchen, if they are throwing the chocolate wrapper in the room, we should stop them from doing this. I know it’s a very small thing, but this is going to be their habit in the future. So it is better to make them realize from their childhood.

Even my kids used to do this earlier. So I asked them to throw it in the dustbin or you have to clean the room. When they didn’t listen to me, I ordered them to clean their room. This has happened 2-3 times with me. I know it may sound rude towards kids, but this thing makes them a disciplined person and a responsible person too.

There should be some rules, time for everything, and as parents, we should also follow that. If we want our kids to be responsible people, we need to inculcate good habits in them.

As it is said that together we can win but alone we can never.

Appreciate them whole-heartedly whenever they do a good deed but not for the things which are not good for them. Remember we as a parent can help make them a good human being.

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One thought on “Never Appreciate Kids When They Are Wrong”

  1. I strongly agree with you Pari, there is a very thin line between appreciation and realization, it is a very mandatory part of kid’s learning that they must know their duties in parallel, also we should make them realize time to time where they went wrong or right.

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