Nostalgia Meets Thrills in Faster Fene

The entertainment sector is increasing multi folds; not only is the western entertainment sector that is
gaining popularity all over the world, but even our regional entertainment sector is doing wonders.

While everyone else is praising some Hollywood flick, I came across this trailer of a Marathi movie on ZEE5
by the name Faster Fene which has left me intrigued.

The movie is about the moral dilemma of a guy who’s forced to take a decision between doing the right
thing and looking out for oneself. The young hero of the show has to tackle some tough obstacles and get
past the doubts of the society to do what he thinks is right.

Banesh Fene, portrayed by Amey Wagh is a medical aspirant who refuses to believe that what he
witnessed in his entrance exam was a suicide, but a murder. But to be able to prove it, he has to face the
wrath of the mafia which he can only outsmart with his speed and intelligence.

Produced by Ritesh Deshmukh, this crime thriller is based on the famous character written by author
B.R.Bhagwat. Faster Fane aka Banesh is a street-smart school kid with great deductive powers and a
persistent sense of adventure. Director Aditya Sarpotdar has clearly understood that the nostalgia involved
with the Faster Fane character should also appeal to today’s generation. Hence he has made the necessary
changes in the storyline, however retaining the spirit of the character.

Faster Fene is a racy thriller movie, without any sidekicks or unnecessary drama that may slow the tempo
and is be the perfect choice for a weekend watch on ZEE5.

With a plot filled with twists and several conspiracies to hide the truth, the question now lies, ‘Will he be
able to uncover it?’ To answer that question, you got to watch Faster Fene right away!

About The Channel :

ZEE5 is the video on demand website cum channel run by ZEE Entertainment Enterprise Limited. ZEE5 lets you make an account where you can have your progress in front of you, suggestions for more shows or
movies, and even language change to your regional language. The exhaustive range of content and the
ease of languages make ZEE5 a complete video destination for the viewers.

They also let you download the content and save it for watching later by just clicking the ‘download’ tab
against the content name.

With other features like device portability and multiple device playback, ZEE5 has made it really easy for the user to customise their experience and watch their desired content online easily. The latest versions also have the Chromecast compatibility.

To make it the perfect platform to be, ZEE has also included a ‘LiveTV’ section which enables the user to see the ongoing programs and the time
elapsed in each one of them for better watch time decisions.

Interested ? Let me know what you think about the movie and the platform in the comments.

23 thoughts on “Nostalgia Meets Thrills in Faster Fene”

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  2. I love watching thrille4r movies so adding this one in my list. Now I dont watch TV, I just download apps and enjoy diff web series videos, latest movies there. Zee5 I have downloaded already. So will watch this definitely.

  3. Television and movie apps were much needed . I’m so glad Zee5 has variety of options for anyone looking for entertainment. I love thriller movies so definitely going to watch this one.

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