Pareeksha – Story Of A Father Who Struggles For His Son’s Education

We all are facing a tough time during this pandemic situation, but the best thing is that we can utilise this time at home to spend quality moments with our family. We can also watch various movies, series to kill our time, and the latest movie that I watched on ZEE5 OTT platform was Pareeksha – A movie which shows a story of a father who struggles hard for his son’s education.

Story Of Pareeksha

The story of Pareeksha portrays a typical Indian society, where a Rickshaw puller Bucchi (Adil Hussain) and his wife Radhika (Priyanka bose) who works as a utensils factory worker, wants to give the best education to his child in an international school rather than a government school, without worring about his financial condition.

Pareeksha’s movie shows the story of a father, his hard efforts for his son’s education. He crossed all his limits to give the best to his son. The society and the school management didn’t accept a boy who comes from a poor family background in a big school, but this didn’t stopped Buchchi in his fight to ensure the best education for his son, Bulbul.

Bucchi is adamant on sending Bulbul to an international school and finally he is able to send him. But problem arise when the expenses of good education become a burden, and then the poor richshaw puller choose the path of stealing and deceit.

Real life-based –

Pareeksha is based on the true story of IPS officer Abhayanand (Played by Sanjay Suri) who teaches kids in a village in Bihar, which is prone to Naxalite activities, to help them clear the IIT- JEE exams.

Impact of Pareekasha movie on me

The story of Pareeksha touched my heart, I loved the performance played by Adil Hussain and all the star casts. All have done a brilliant work. This movie shows how parents have to face so many ups and downs to fulfill kids’ wishes and to accomplish their dreams, in fact while watching many scenes I remembered my father’s sacrifice, efforts which he has done for us in our childhood. I so wish this generation kid understand their parents and the struggle they face at the time of giving the best to their kids.

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Recommended to All

I would recommend this movie to everyone, this movie is a family movie which should be watched by everyone, especially we parents should watch it with our kids. I am again going to watch the movie with my daughter and son to let them know the importance of hard efforts, struggle, education. And also to learn that education is important but choosing the right path is also important.

Do watch it guys to see the amazing acting of Adil and also to see kaise #SapneSachKarenge in PAREEKSHA 😊😊

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