Poonawala Finance Rolls Out A Special Professional Loan Scheme To Help Professionals During This Covid-19 Pandemic

A sight of relief for the Chartered Accountants (CAs) in India as :-

Poonawalla Finance rolls out a Professional Loan scheme to help professionals.

The Poonawalla Finance has come up with an incredible initiative of giving professional loans to the Members of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India and has been doing an incredible job, as Poonawalla Finance has:

– Sanctioned Personal Loan and Professional Loan at an attractive interest rate and zero prepayment charges to more than 1,500 CAs within the first month of the launch of the scheme.

“The Professional Loan Scheme aims to offer benefits to over 3 lakh Chartered Accountants across the country”

13th August 2020: Poonawalla Finance Private Limited, the well capitalized NBFCs in the country has offered a collateral-free special term loan scheme with an aim to benefit over three lakh members of the ICAI. This loan scheme will further shore up their financial requirements towards their professional practice as well as to meet their personal exigencies at a time when COVID-19 has caused liquidity crunch across all sectors. Where the date of Tax Returns has been postponed by the Income Tax Department, Chartered Accountants in Practice are facing a tough spot to manage their cash flows during this Pandemic.

It is a famous quote that ‘When you are lost in the darkness, look for the light’ and that ray of light for the professionals has come from Poonawalla Finance which has already disbursed Professional Loan to 1,500 CAs around the country within the first month of the launch of this scheme and is in the process to sanction more 4000 applications in the coming days.

The unique term loan, tailor-made scheme for the Chartered Accountant’s, offers an attractive interest rate, zero prepayment charges, 100% online digital processing and gives the option to take over their existing loans with higher interest rates which during these hard time has proven to be a boon for all the professionals who are unable to meet their needs.

“It is wonderful to see Corporates coming up with such special loan scheme to support the credit needs of the Chartered Accountant professionals in these unprecedented times. Mr. Adar Poonawalla, Chairman, Poonawalla Finance believes that offering credit support to the MSMEs and professionals like Chartered Accountants and Doctors for business development will further strengthen entrepreneurial ecosystem and boost economic growth,” which today is the need of the hour.

While talking about such a generous loan scheme, Mr. Abhay Bhutada, MD and CEO, Poonawalla Finance exclaimed that, “This special loan scheme is a part of their mission to offer credit support to enterprises and individuals so that they can meet their credit requirements and can contribute to the economy of India as well. In the prevailing market scenario when access to credit has emerged as a challenge, affordable and digitally-enabled loan scheme will help Chartered Accountant’s fulfil their aspirations and help guide the economy of the nation back on its track which will thus help Poonawalla Finance expand their reach nationwide and fuel enterprise-driven growth across the globe”.

Talking about Poonawalla Finance Private Limited is not an easy task, as their background is so diverse and rich that even Goddess Saraswati with her never ending pen can write about it.

About Poonawalla Finance Private Limited:

Poonawalla Finance Private Limited is a systematically important non-deposit taking NBFC and falls under the umbrella of Cyrus Poonawalla Group having net-worth of whooping USD 11.4 billion.

You would be amazed to know that Poonawalla Finance which was started in April 2019 has crossed over INR 1,500 Crores in AUM and is one of the most well capitalized NBFCs in the country. Headquartered in Pune, it offers the simplest and most customizable digital lending, built on leading technology and has adopted multiple online and offline ecosystems. It aims to meet the dynamic financial needs of individuals/ professionals and MSMEs, thereby accelerating their growth with flexible funding options. Poonawalla Finance offers Business Loans, Personal Loans and newly introduced Professional Loans.

Poonawalla Finance follows a customer-centric and relationship-based business model to remain on the growth path that helps to create more services for the customers in the small ticket lending space and is proud to claim that it offers the lowest rate of interest with zero prepayment charges in the NBFC sector allowing them to grow and make name among the customers as well.

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