Protect Your Hotel From Bed Bugs

A long time ago, I booked a hotel in Paris for a business meeting with a client.

It was a pleasure to conduct the meeting. It was one of the best meetings ever as I have sealed the deal with a long-term project for our company which will surely enhance the growth of the company as well as employees.

After finishing the meeting, I walked towards the reception of the hotel to check out from my hotel. I heard that a customer was complaining about bed bugs In hotel bedroom.

I heard the whole discussion between the manager of the hotel and the customer. I was surprised to know that the hotel had bed bugs and it was causing a problem for their customers.

The manager was quite upset with the whole incident. I asked the manager about it and they told me that they had tried all the solutions in order to get rid of bed bugs but that was not helpful and the customers were still facing the problems which were affecting their business.

As I am a Businessman, I can understand the importance of a customer in a business and the negative response from a customer can make a huge impact on a business. Customer satisfaction is really important for any businessmen.

I told the manager about the bed bugs problem in my house and all of my family members were scratching their arms, torso and legs. One day, we noticed some small red patches with boils and I was sure that was the sign of a bed bug bite.

Then we used a lot of home remedies to overcome from this issue like using baking soda, washing the bed, applying
talcum powder, rubbing alcohol, using mothballs and we also called pest control service to our home but everything was in vain.

I called one of my friends and he gave me a contact number of bedbug extermination Service Provider Number.

I was sure enough that it will be a failure but I booked him for the pest control on the weekend

They had sent their professional bed bug exterminator to my home and they started to examine the problem of bed bugs.

I was watching how professionally they were doing bed bug eradication, spray treatment, bed bug detection and lots of other treatments to make my home free from bed bugs. They repeated the whole process until the final extermination of bed bugs present in the home. In fact, some of the eggs of the bed bugs were hatched after the first intervention.And within the first week, I got the results and then we can take a sound sleep with all my family members.

After hearing this, the hotel Manager looked at me and asked for their contact details. I asked them to try their services and make your hotel free from bed bugs which will make their customer happy.

After the whole discussion, I gave him Deratisation – disinsection details and left the hotel. And promised them to visit again and they thanked me for providing the details of Bed Bugs extermination service provider

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