Quietly Calm Their Fears

As a mother, we all have seen a time when our kids get a feel of fear. While for some kids the fear can be of ghosts, darkness, loud voices, and other kids may have the fear of going to a new school and meet new people, the fear of leaving parents for some time as they will be attending school, and it could also be the fear of giving the exam.

There are many other reasons because of which children can be frightened. But as a parent, it becomes your responsibility to calm down their fear and handle them very carefully. I don’t know if I am doing it in the right way or not but as a mother, I always try to listen to them and try to find out what is frightening them the most.

Last night my daughter was started crying without any reason, as I am at my mom’s place so she used to sleep with my sister in law, but that day she just wants to be with me and wanted to hug me for the whole night, maybe because of mood swings as she is in her teenage stage.

At first, I got very tensed and then I calmed down myself and tried to bring down her anxiety level so that she can feel little light. I realized how a simple hug and a touch of the hand of a parent on our kid’s forehead make them feel so secure and fill them with the feeling of love. She was sleeping on my lap till the time she doesn’t start feeling good.

Though I mostly do this with my kids especially with my son whose morning and night start by hugging me, it’s our daily routine. A hug can make us feel stress-free and of course, it makes our day so brighter by getting it from the right person.

Parenting is not an easy task, this is what I am realizing after becoming the mother of two kids. One is a teenager and the other is still young. I try to put a balance but sometimes I also do fail because no one can be perfect but I do keep trying that whenever they are feeling fear or need me, I am always there for them to calm down their fear quietly.

Because once the fear keeps in their heart and mind it will never go out.


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