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Education is an integral part of people’s lives; which helps to shape their career and their future in the long run. With time there has been improvisation in teaching methods as well. One of them is ‘Online Learning’ which has gained momentum over the years especially in times like the pandemic that we are going through.

Going out to attend classes has become risky, giving rise to more and more online classes. While some are in no way effective in imparting knowledge, some like “Seekho Academy” believe in providing industry relevant education and job opportunities to every youth in an engaging, affordable, and scalable way.


“SEEKHO” is an online learning community which provides opportunities to attain complete knowledge of any stream that one wants. With SEEKHO one can learn, mentor and even hire. At a nominal fee of just Rs 249 one can become a member for 3 months and get access to live classes from industry experts who have already conducted 1000+ live classes. One can also connect with mentors via Live Classes, breakout sessions and discussion forums.

Thus helping individuals achieve their career goals by exposing them to the most exciting jobs and internships. If you have the capability, you can also become a mentor and guide people in the right direction. This platform also gives you the opportunity to hire the right talent for your business. In short this platform provides a one stop shop for the industry.


70000+ individuals have benefitted from this platform and have gone on to achieve their career goals. One can checkout interesting profiles on their website and get job opportunities and interships hand picked by the experts. They also have tie ups with leading companies and brands, helping the learners to get a job well suited for their profile.


At SEEKHO there are 7 academies available that offer free as well as paid courses that are available online. These are 1) Product Management 2) Finance 3) Digital Marketing 4) Consulting 5) Entrepreneurship 6) Productivity Tools 7) Supply Chain Management.


Enrolling for one of their program as per my choice and interest, has been the most crucial and best decision of my life, bringing about a huge turning point in my life. Not only did i get 40+ hours of self paced lectures, 7 weekly live workshops and events. I also got the opportunity to try my hands at 10+ hands on assignments provided by the experts and also be a part of 25+ quizzes. I also got the opportunity to interact with peers who shared the same interests as mine. Solving case studies in joint sessions was an eye opener for me in many ways. Being a member I could join 10+ members who had taken up the same subject as mine.

Through their 1:1 interactive sessions and discussion forums, I got the golden chance to connect and interact with the industry experts. As a member I also got exclusive mentorship through their interactive sessions. The best part was through “SEEKHO” I managed to bag my dream job and carve a life that I had always envisioned for myself.


I personally enrolled for the ‘Digital Marketing’ academy in ‘Seekho’ and opted for their free course on ‘Behavioral Interview’. On enrolling I was directed to a series of tutorial videos with experts from the respective industry, answering different questions related to the topic. The way they conveyed the solutions through examples was truly remarkable.

The videos go on to enlighten us on how to handle difficult questions asked during job interviews. Questions like “Tell me about a time you handled a difficult situation” or “Describe a time when you disagreed with a team member” or “How do you handle conflict between team members” were taught how to be answered appropriately during job interviews. Overall watching these videos gave a fairly good idea on how I can dodge such questions In interviews and bag my dream job.


You too can enroll yourself on this platform and make the most of the amazing opportunities available for students through “SEEKHO”.Se


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