Show Your Child How Little Things Matter

Childhood is like the root of a life. Whatever we sow during the childhood will be reflected when the child becomes an adult. Childhood is the base of habit formation for any individual. A child learns what his parents make him learn during the childhood. Whatever a child learns during his childhood is not easily forgettable throughout the life.

Due to the above facts it becomes the responsibility of the parents to take care of what their child learns during their childhood. If the parents are able to cultivate good habits among their children then they can create a win-win situation for the child and for the society as a whole. An individual’s success mainly depends upon what their habits are and how they see their life.

Children draw their habits and learn from their parents. What the parents do like how they eat, how they treat people, how they carry their life as a whole etc forms the base of habits of the children. Children learn and imitate their parents primarily. Therefore, the parents need to be careful about what they are doing in front of their children. They can learn the good and the bad habits as well from their parents.

The base of cultivating good habits is letting your children know and understand the importance of small things happening in their life. Parents have to act as mentor for their children and make them learn to differentiate between the good and bad things. They should teach their child as to why the small things / habits will make the child a better person and make him loved by everyone in the society.

Small things like being polite with everyone specially the house help and the people who are working for the family, greeting the elders in the morning and in the night, giving respect to the elders of the family, eating food properly and not to waste the food, having meals at proper time, having a proper sleep pattern, playing fair with other children and not to cheat, making a proper schedule for the day, giving importance to studies, giving respect to teachers, not to through tantrums, making them understand the difference between the needs and wants, etc are the very few examples of the those little things which the parents should keep on demonstrating their children and help them in absorbing the same in their lifestyle. The parents should make their best efforts to make this happen.

If the children are able to absorb these traits and make them a part of their lifestyle then they will become disciplined throughout the life. They will be able to understand what is good and what is bad for them. They will be loved by their family, their friends, people at their workplace and the whole society. “What we sow is what we reap” is one the perfect saying which perfectly justifies the title that “Small things do matter”.


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