Some Bonding Are Very Special

A girl who has a very special friend in her life and the boy means a lot in her life, you know what, in his presence, she always has a smile on her face. But whenever the boy gets upset she also gets upset, she doesn’t know what special she has with the boy that it affects her mood too. She only wanted to be a reason for his smile, and deep inside she is also scared to lose him, bcoz she believes no one stays in her life. Everyone left her and this insecurity sometimes make her behave weirdly which make the boy’s mood spoil. But believe me, she never intentionally wanted to hurt him or upset him, trust me she feel so bad whenever these things happen. In fact, she cant divert her mind towards any work. She knows he doesn’t allow her to take interest in his personal life and believe me, she respects his decision, what matter is for is only his happiness and smile.
She can do anything to make him smile …and today when he is silent, she is not feeling good. She is just thinking how to cheer up his mood, how to bring a smile on his face. She just want his presence in her life , but then only if the boy is comfortable in her company . Sometimes she questions to God that why she is so much connected to him, why his happiness matter only , why his one message bring a smile on her face, Why?

She don’t have a name to give to this relations , but for her this relation is very pure & true ..

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