Being a parent, it’s everyone wish that their kids should be responsible and loyal towards their work or anything that they are doing in life. Let it be parents or the kids, both needs to be quite responsible in their respective life and should share a mutual understanding as well. Parents are fulfilling their responsibilities toward their kids by giving their best efforts and kids are returning it by giving them respect and by following the rules and regulations which will help them become a better human being, though some kids don’t follow it, maybe because of the circumstances or because of their upbringing in a different way.
Where there is a great love, there are always wishes. In my case too, I have some wishes for my kids which I am sharing with you all.

1) That they should know the value of every relation, they respect their elders and give love to younger.

2) Sharing is what I expect from them, I mean they should know the meaning of ‘ Sharing Is Caring ‘ that they should always share their things with others.

3) Understanding ‘Value of money’ is what I think that plays an important role in everyone’s life and especially for kids. Kids should know that it’s not easy to earn, so they should invest wherever it is necessary to get good returns.

4) I want that my kids should forget all those instances whenever I do something wrong, or the instances I shouted at them. They should understand that I am doing it for their well-being only.

5) I really wish that they achieve success in their life by following their passion and by giving their full efforts in it. They should understand that ‘ There is no shortcut to success’.

6) I wish that they should know that winning is not important. The thing that is more important is to give their best in any work they do in their life.

7) I wish if I could be their first best friend for life but they should keep this in mind also that I am their parent so they should respect me as well.

8) I really wish if they know the value of traditions, culture, and family.

9) One should not lose hope in difficulties because difficulties come in our life to unleash our inner capabilities. I wish they take every decision in life with a calm mind and stay optimistic in their life.

10) Compromise and sacrifice play an important role in everyone’s life, so they should learn that they can do the same, whenever its needed in life.

Wishes for my kids will never finish because they are unlimited for them, but I only want that they become the best person in their life, a person who is responsible towards life, who is caring, loving and most important a loyal and an honest person.

‘Don’t focus on your tomorrow, focus on your today and try to make it beautiful ‘

Thanks for giving your precious time to read my blog post. If you are a parent, then please do share your love and experience through comments.

Always wear a smile because it will motivate you towards leasing a positive life’


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