Talk With Your Kids About Life

In recent times I see most of the parents are very comfortable talking about life with their kids. They exchange their thoughts and share it with each other. And it is actually quite an amazing thing. Furthermore, it is equally good to see that parents take kids’ advice in a positive way which is necessary. They don’t feel hesitant to take suggestions from kids, after all life is all about learning….Isn’t it?. In this two way conversation, they get to know about their kids life as well and can help them to move on the right path by sharing experiences that they have gained over the years, afterall we parents too went through the phase in which our kids are.

Though earlier our parents hesitated to talk to us about anything. But as it is said that it’s good to change with the changing times. And I feel it’s the need of the time that we all should talk to our kids about life, infact about everything. Because kids learn about various topics that range from their bodies, health, relationships to many more things. When they hear it from you i.e. their parent, in the context of your love and care for them, and your values and experiences, it makes a difference. So it is better that they learn from you first.
And especially when they have any questions in their mind, we should answer them, no matter if it’s related to clothes, life or sex or any other things. Be open to talk with them regarding all kinds of feelings, that could include anger, joy, fear , frustration and anxiety. Consequently, helping your child to develop a ‘feelings vocabulary’.  You can also improve your communication with your kid by showing that you value his/her thoughts and feelings, which will help him/her to express more.

Why should they have to go to Google and find the answer to them? We should talk to our kids about life and keep them motivated with time to time, this will help them to take any big step in life.

The more they feel comfortable in talking with us, the more they will come to us discuss anything, they won’t hesitate to talk about anything with us, because they know we will not judge them without listening to them fully.
It can happen when we have a daily conversation with them. Yes, conversation build a connection that connects kids to parents more closely.
But the tough moment is how to start the conversation
Well, we can have some question which helps us to start the conversation, what we call some ice breaker type questions. The questions shouldn’t be serious every time. Here are some examples of such questions.
*What’s your biggest dream?
*Tell me about your most memorable moment?
*What is your biggest worry?
*Is there anything interesting happening in your school this week?
*If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be?
*How you react when you are stuck with lots of work?
Let the conversation be friendly. There can be many other questions and topics as well. In this way, we can have a talk with our kids as well as spend some quality time with them.
Parents and kids both need to know each other well, to lay a foundation for a healthy relationship……Isn’t it?

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