Tempeh – The Most Versatile Bean Protein

Hello Fellas! Hope you all are enjoying the summer season. A heatwave has gripped the nation so try to stay indoor and stay hydrated. As you all know, that when it comes to food, I just can’t control myself. But while doing so I make sure to take care of my health by eating a nutritive, balanced and healthy diet. Well, in this post of mine, I am going to talk about one such gut-friendly food product which is undoubtedly the most versatile bean protein and is made by fermenting the best quality soybeans – Tempeh! 

About Tempeh

Originated in Indonesia over 800 years ago, Tempeh is a food which is made by fermenting whole soyabeans. Tempeh is a clean source of protein and is made using a controlled fermentation process using a natural starter culture.  It is renowned all over the world due to is superb culinary and nutritive properties. Considered a culinary blank slate because of its property of absorbing flavors really well, Tempeh has a mild earthy and nutty flavor. It is a superb source of plant-based protein and is rich in vitamin B-12, nutrients, probiotics and is higher in fibre than most other vegetarian sources of protein.

Classified as one of the foremost superfoods, let me brief out tempeh features for you:

  • Packed with protein
  • Low carb and high fibre
  • Rich in vitamin B12
  • Rich in Iron
  • Gut-Friendly
  • Dairy and gluten free

There is a wide variety of Tempeh and it can be introduced in dishes such as stir-fries, curries and salads. At Hello Tempeh  you can find a variety of flavoured tempeh online including Tawa Masala, Peppery Szechuan Chilli, Simply sriracha, Spicy Peri-Peri and Roasted Chettinad Tempeh cubes. Further at Hello Tempey you can even choose from the different type of combos available.


After scrolling through their website, I finally decided to order Tawa Masala Tempeh cubes and Spicy Peri-Peri Tempeh cubes. The product arrived in a safe packaging and the cubes were perfectly-cut. The best part is that Hello Tempeh products are of high quality. Non-GMO soyabeans and can be used in different types of dishes as per your requirement. I used the cubes to prepare wraps for my kids and a curry for my family. All my family members enjoyed eating the dishes that I prepared using the products from Hello Tempey. Recently, I have ordered other flavors and I am eagerly waiting for the products to arrive at my door step so that I can once again tantalize the taste buds of my family members using this super food.

Final Words:

Tempeh is a wholesome food made using only 3 ingredients and without any chemical processing. It offers really amazing health benefits and is a good option as a high protein vegetarian food that can be included in a diet. Hello Tempeh provides you with the best tempeh online. I would definitely recommend it to you. Make sure to share your experiences along with the dishes that you prepared in the comments below. Till Then, Bub-bye!


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