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This time our family had decided to visit the ‘Queen of Hills’ i.e. Mussoorie in summer holidays. I think many of you too would have made summer plans like this. But Alas! The outbreak of COVID-19 had a totally different plan for all of us.

To fight this pandemic, the government enforced a lockdown on 24th March 2020, that confined all of us to stay at our home. The entire country came to a standstill. But as it is proudly exclaimed that India is a land of Unity in Diversity, this time we, 138Cr+ people of the country, were united by the zeal to fight against COVID-19.

While our valuable people like medical professionals, police personnel, sweepers, and other essential service providers fought on the frontline, the common people joined the fight by staying at home to ensure the safety of other people. Initially, people thought that staying indoors all the time is going to be quite troublesome, but our firm determination of the safety of our country and ourselves ensured our win. People managed to live in their homes with basic necessities and meanwhile added some cherishable moments to their life by spending some quality time with their family members.

To celebrate this unbeatable spirit of India, Tiktok, one of the most popular app for short-form mobile video, came up with a video to say #ShabashIndia, where it appreciated and thanked every single person who helped India cope with the troublesome situation by staying at home and doing their bit to keep India safe.

This Video made me realize that our biggest strength is our unity. It was good to see how people are contributing in their own way to fight this pandemic. No doubt, that our frontline workers deserve all the applause, but it was good to see that along with donating to the frontliners, TikTok came forward to applaud the efforts of common people too, who stayed home and did their bit of keeping India safe.

With these videos that India is creating, TikTok is celebrating India’s spirit to stay united, always. As far as creativity is concered, we Indian’s are no amateurs and this is perfectly visible from videos on the platform. During the lockdown as well, people from different cultures, societies and places were creating creative and engaging content on TikTok. In a way, we should say Shabash to TikTok for celebrating the never-dying and unbeatable spirit of our country and for making it easy for people to get through the lockdown by staying entertained and engaged

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