The Dress Story : Recent Trend on Hollywood Fashion

Fashion inspiration in the fashion industries, both in local and global scale is only because of influential fashion icons of the yesteryears and impeccable designers who’ve forayed into recreating the yester year trending designer fabrics in their own way!

This is the reason we’re introduced to new style fit each and every season in social media, which we eventually share with friends, family and fans in order to imbibe and thereby get inspired.

But as we compare yesteryear trends with today’s Hollywood fashion , all we can find is, today’s stars are criticized for what they wear to a party, store, grocery. Sometimes they’re even posted and filthily commented.

This wasn’t the case of yesteryear fashion icons that made both their keen sense of fashion and acting, catapult them into stardom.

Let’s take a look at some of the best trends in emerging Hollywood fashion industry and of the times.

a) Metallic ensemble

Vivid incorporation of metallic and silver has been quite a recent scenario over all the emerging fashion trends. It’s also the case with Wonder Woman Gal Gadot, who appeared on the red-carpet in a Givenchy gown. She amplified this fashion with a neat hairdo. Even more than stilettos, flips and flat shoes are in trend. Velvet choice of lip colour went well with this metallic ensemble.

a. Little Black Dress

Pretty teen girls and even grown-up women folks, have a fancy obsession for Little Black dress. Do you know, where did this classic fashion obsession ever come from?

Audrey Hepburn is the reason for this classic Hollywood fashion obsession and this look is inspired from one of her classics Holly Golightly ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’.

b. Silk suits

What’s fashion when you don’t know how to flamboyantly experiment?

Known to be one of the most famous trending designer fabric of the times, even at Oscars or red-carpet, you can have a look at divas and ‘chic’ hot men; make us drool over their soaring fashion trends. Recently, Emma Stone gave a bold and beautiful look wearing a Louis Vuitton suit with a pink bow tied around her waist and bright earrings. She completed this look of hers with a rosy smoky eye, a side parted coiffure making this look favourite of all.

c. Monroe ‘Curves’

If curves are the most in-thing today, then hats off to the American actress, model and singer, who was a ‘sex symbol’ of Hollywood fashion industry and was in despicably known for her ‘dangerous curves’.

From high-waisted bikinis to her classic ‘The seven year itch look ’, today’s fashionistas are trying to impersonate this luxurious trends as a legacy and on a regular basis.

d. Rosy Delight

Pink and cherry blossoms being a timeless fashion trend is recreated and worn as an appointment dress by Calvin Richard Klein at last year’s red carpet. She refined this fashion with a time honoured hairstyle with a refined pink blush.

Timeless fashion trends or trending designer fabrics, we’ve all in our store. At, you can ponder and get to recreate some of the refined fabrics of the times.

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