The First Time He Called Me ” Maa “

It’s every girl dream to became a mother and when I got to hear the news for the first time that “Congratulations!!!! You are going to be Mother soon”. And tears rolled down from my eyes . A moment of life which will always be special for me, I couldn’t believe it. So as to assure myself I tried the pregnancy kit for 3-4 times to confirm if it is true or not, and hence it was confirmed that I was pregnant… it was a moment of life which can’t be expressed in words.

Being the youngest daughter in my family, everyone in my family, try to tease me by saying,”Choti se Priyal Maa Banegi”. And all I can do was blush-blush-blush… the #FirstTimeMom feeling is just amazing to hear .

I can remember all those cravings for the chatpata food. I always have the midnight craving of having Maggi, that too made by my hubby. And my poor hubby had to make Maggi for me, seriously those were simply the golden days of my life. When we went for the sonography and the doctor showed us the body part of our baby…………it as truly a sight to behold. My eyes were filled with tears, and just one word came out from my mouth……..”My Baby – My Sweet angel”

And finally the day arrived when I was blessed with a sweet little angel, My daughter. Yes, it was mine “Mere ghar aayi ek nanhi Pari” moment, her face was looking so pinkish like a doll that my hubby use to hide her from everyone, he used to say “Nazar lag jayenga isko”.

And then the tough exam has started, and I was all set to pass its full marks in this examination of being a perfect mother. Let it be feeding my cutie pie, changing her diaper or taking proper care of her, being a mother I always ensured the best for my baby. Time passes away but the memories are still alive with me when I hear her saying ‘ Maa’ for the first time , it’s feel like my moment is stop there ,a feeling which can’t be express in words .

I was dying to hear this word again from her but then She didn’t said it for 2 -3 days and again when I was busy in cleaning my room , she called ‘ Maa’ my happiness was double that now my princess started calling her firstword and that is MAA.

And in my motherhood journey there was something which are part of my life as a first journey,wanna share my experience with it. Yes I am talking about Mothersparsh’s wipes which helped me to take care of my baby in a sweet and convenient way.

The experience of being a mother and using Mother Sparsh, my #FirstWaterWipes was beyond my imagination.

When it comes to baby we should always check that the water wipes doesn’t cause any rashes on baby’s skin, as we never want to use any chemicals which are harmful to the baby as it may cause an infection. I am glad that I always had mothersparsh with me, which is soft and provides an effective and safe cleaning. They are 100% biodegradable and do not have any polyster , even doctor recommended it to all , as these wipes are dermatologically tested.

It provides the purest care to my baby from the first day without causing any redness, allergy or irritation on my baby skin as it contains 98% water with parabens and alcohol free to keep baby soon fresh and clean

Because of mothersparsh with me I use to take care of my baby in a very proper way without any worries about infection and rashes.

Disclaimer : This post is sponsored by Mother Sparsh but the views are completely personal

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29 thoughts on “The First Time He Called Me ” Maa “”

  1. I had heard a lot about mother sparsh brand and it seems that it is really gentle and ideal for babies. I like the fact that it is dermatologically tested and free from harmful chemicals. would share about it with my friends who have small babies.

  2. Indeed mothersparsh is a great brand that is ideal for delicate and sensitive skin of babies. I love the fact that these wipes contain 98 per cent water and free from chemicals. thanks for sharing detail info about it. it will help a lot to new parents.

  3. Such a beautiful post this is. The feeling of first time mom is indeed special , it is the most precious memory. And Mother sparsh wipes are indeed great to use .

  4. Mother Sparsh is a great brand. They know babies. I can trust on them totally. I still use wipes for my kids during travels. Next time I will buy Mother Sparsh wipes

  5. My child was not comfortable being wiped with wipes that were high on fragrance and had alcohol base to it. But I didn’t have an option back then. Glad that Mother Sparsh has come up with such a pure product.

  6. Such a cute story. Specially the cravings part, it brought smile on my face. And yes, mother sparsh baby wipes makes job of mother little easy and child happy.

  7. Mother Sparsh baby wipes sounds safe and effective for baby skincare regime. Love that it’s hypoallergenic and made from natural ingredients

  8. This is such a beautiful post..very well written. Mother sparsh wipes are so gentle and kind to baby’s soft skin.

  9. Being a first time mom is the best feeling ever. No one can understand until she becomes mom for the first time

  10. I remember when Nemit was born, I rejected at least 4 wipes just because they had so many chemicals in them. No mother wants to put a risk on her child. Really glad to see finally we have chemical free water wipes.

  11. Loved the way you have penned down this heart touching post. Very well written.
    Every mother wants proper care for her child and MotherSparsh wipes are indeed the best. 🙂

  12. such a lovely experience you have shared must say this is the great feelings for every mom

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