The Most Common Bath And Body Care Mistakes

A dry and flaky skin after a shower is something that most of us experience. I am sure that you too would be curious to reason behind it. The wide variety of shower gels, body washes and bathing bars that are so much popularized in the commercials contain ingredients that are not only harsh on the skin but also deprive the skin of the natural moisture leading to dryness.

How commercial bath care and skin care products affect skin?

The commercial body washes, shower gels and bathing bars increase the pH levels of the skin thus affecting the acid mantle of the skin. Basically, Acid Mantle is a thin film on the surface of the skin that helps in retaining the natural moisture and forms a protective shield against environmental attacks like pollution, UV rays, bacteria, etc and ensures that your skin gets least affected by contamination. Normal body washes, shower gels, and handmade soaps contain Sodium Hydroxide which has a higher pH (approx. 11), thereby adversely affecting our skin.

The costly bath care and skin care can be quite cruel on your skin and can lead to dry and flaky skin, itchiness, redness, premature ageing, etc.

How to ensure protection of the acid mantle?

Taking proper care and being gentle on your skin is sure to do wonders. You need to choose products that do not alter the pH of your skin. Recently, I saw my favorite actress, Mouni Roy, talks about the skin care while endorsing BRYAN AND CANDY moisturising bars

With Provitamin B5 and pH of 5.5 BRYAN AND CANDY Luxury Foaming Body Wash helps in skin renewal besides giving soft and smooth skin. This body wash gently cleans the skin and ends up giving smooth, supple and moisturized skin. The Body wash is enriched with PENTAVITIN which is an organic active that helps in maintaining the moisture of the skin for 48 hours.

The gorgeous Mouni Roy is endorsing this amazing brand Bryan & Candy now, let’s talk about her skin care routine that makes her so much enchanting:

  1. Staying Hydrated: Water is blessing for the skin and it makes her skin happy and healthy in an effortless way. Staying hydrated is her first rule for a glowing skin.
  2. Proper Skin Moisturization: Mouni believes that proper moisturization is the key for a healthy skin. She recommends using BRYAN AND CANDY moisturising bars as it is enriched with Pentavitin which provides 48 hours of hydration.
  3. Working out regularly: Mouni’s daily workout regime is a secret to her healthy skin and a fit body. She is also a trained Kathak dancer which also keeps her fit and active.
  4. Keeping Skin Make-up Free: Mouni prefers removing makeup after shoots and rejuvenates herself after the day’s tiring work through a nourishing shower with BRYAN AND CANDY’s foaming Body Wash and moisturising bar are loaded with provitamin B5 and pH 5.5 formula nourish the skin. These are free from toxic chemicals, hence protect the skin’s acid mantle. On the other hand, Normal soaps available in the market contain Caustic Soda & have pH of more than 10 which is highly Alkaline for the skin & damage Acid Mantle.

In addition to Bryan and Candy foaming Body Wash and moisturising bar, Mouni also talks about mesmerising aromatic candles by Bryan and Candy. She finds these candles uplifting and calming. I completely agree with her.

There are several ways Aromatic Candles can lighten up our lives, such as

  • They create a wonderfully romantic setting to keep the spark alive
  • They created a relaxing and healthy ambiance
  • Candles liven up your room decor
  • They spread fragrance into the surroundings.

The best part about the Bryan and Candy candles is that they are made from 100% Natural Soy wax, thus completely healthy and safe for humans and the environment. The eye-catching tin container and decorative packing makes these candles ideal for gifting.


Final Words:

I have been using a BRYAN AND CANDY moisturising bar for the past one month and I am completely in love with this product. One can enjoy a celebrity-like experience at an affordable price. I am happy with the results and definitely recommend you all to try it for a flawless skin. Looking forward to hearing your experiences in the comments below. Bub-Bye!


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