Then He Disappeared From Her Life !

It was a lonely, dark night, when she was staring the stars high above the sky, recalling come missing all those special moments of her life that are deeply etched in her heart……moments which were very special for her !

But then her phone rang suddenly. Consequently she came out from her thoughts and received the call. It was an unknown voice of a man on the other side, who was asking for his friend!

Unfortunately, it was a wrong number, and hence the phone disconnected from both sides.

Next day she received a ‘hello’ message and to her surprise it was from that unknown number that called her yesterday.

Firstly she didn’t replied, but then after some time, she replied with a ‘hello’ too !

“Hello is the most powerful word against Loneliness”

And this exchange of hello’s paved the way for a totally refreshing journey – Journey of Friendship.

They had a lot of conversation over phone & messages. He (His name was not yet known to her) was the person who helped her to come out from her sadness & taught her how to love herself & how to live a life in its true sense.

Life is a game, play it; Life is a challenge, Meet it; Life is an opportunity, Capture it”

She started loving herself, started doing the things which she always loves to do like Dancing, Singing, Painting, Driving………..and all those things that brought a smile to her face……things that give her peace of mind.

She started loving her life again and this all was possible just because of him………..and then one day he disappeared from her life…….completely disappeared.

She doesn’t have any clue where he had gone.

“You never know how much someone means to you until they are gone”.

She tried to contact him, as she had only his number with her, but this doesn’t worked at all.

He Disappeared From Her Life.

She is still waiting for him with a smile on her face,

As its just because of him she knows how to love herself …

” Ek Hawa Ka Jhonka Aaya Tha,

Jo Usse Zindagi Jeena Sikha Ke Chala Gya “

” Waqt Na Rukhta Hain,

Aur Nah Theharta Hain,

Waqt Toh Bas Kisi Ki ,

Mithi Yaadein Mein Kho Jaata Hain “

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55 thoughts on “Then He Disappeared From Her Life !”

  1. Your blog always make me excited to read. Loved this one from the bottom of heart

  2. Beautiful story Priyal… the caption itself is so interesting… the reference of ‘he’ and ‘her’ without name tagging them is very interesting too Keep up the creativity!

  3. wow, just love this short ,crisp yet powerful story .Looking forward to read more such articles in future

  4. This unknown friend took her out of sadness and honestly he made such a big difference to her life. We all know sadness can lead to depression which is way too hazardous to life. She needed just a friend, a kind human to turn her life so she could love herself all over again. Wonderfully written. Well done!

  5. I agree with you sometimes an unknown or a virtual stranger can bring excitement in your life – can make you feel good and love yourself again. We have so many social media friends and a simple hello or comment from them makes our day!! Well written, Priyal!

  6. Every person needs a reason to be motivated and transform positively. Glad she had a reason too. Would love to read what happened when he returned. Do continue the story. #MyFriendAlexa #MayuraReads

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