Thoughtful February

Dearest February,
This is a special poem for you
You are favorite, unique, and stand out for having less number of days
Representing some deep longing and building up over January
There is an air of romance and love associated with you
You bring lovely and rosy feelings and smiles to the hearts
And herald a season of change, teaching us the lessons of survival
You show the art of adjusting with 28 or 29 days
Being different, distinct, and odd, you exude a perfect charm
You are always comfortable in following the path separate from others
Loved, beyond measure we share memorable and intimate moments with you
You are worth a close embrace and hug for the energy and warmth you give to face the demanding world
You are a month and a romantic, idyllic poem also
We write your name in pink in our hearts
O February glow for us and spread love everywhere
The world needs a lot of it today.

This poem is written by Zaheer Arif. I would like to thank him for writing such aa beautiful poem.

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