Tiktok- A place for diversity

TikTok today has over 200 million users in India that are spread across the length and breadth of the country. It is a place where everyone belongs – regardless of nationality, ethnicity, profession, gender etc. TikTok as an inclusive platform, encourages its users to be their authentic selves and embrace their flaws, while finding a community that does the same. This has led TikTok to be the unique content creation platform for everyone.

Its mission is to inspire creativity and spread joy and all the users on the platform do exactly that. Available in 10 Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, and Punjabi, the beauty of the app lies in the fact that anyone with a basic smartphone and an internet connection can make a video of their own – leading to diverse range of content creation.

Over the last two years, a few key themes have emerged in India on TikTok. One of the most popular themes is Education. Users are interested in eTips, learning a language, watching motivational videos, seeking career advice and learning tech hacks. Another popular theme has been Food, where users are not only looking at various videos to learn recipes, but also skim through food tastings and foods that cover different cuisines from India and the world. Of course, users are also looking for fitness and health tips, learning various workouts and even watching videos that promote mental health. We have also seen an uptake in beauty and fashion videos, with users consuming videos that showcase make-up tutorials, DIY techniques; how to wear a saree and even to mix and match clothes.

Here are some TikTok India users that have shared all kinds of videos:
Shivani Kapila: TikTok user Shivani Kapila grooves to the moves of Uptown Funk, while talking about how she has made a difference to her followers thanks to the diverse content she posts on her channel. She talks about how she was underestimated for being a girl, but things are very different today. Watch that video here.

Advocate Sayali: Advocate Sayali, who is an active TikTok user, shares her story where people ridiculed her for her weight, saying she would not be able to achieve anything in life. Some people even told her that she would not be able to move from court to court. But Sayali proved everyone wrongs and today, her dance videos are going viral on TikTok. She shared a motivational message on the difference she has made to herself and her followers. Watch that video here.

Sunny Rampal: Sunny Rampal: TikTok user Sunny Singh asks his followers to make a difference. Do what you think you do best and do it. He asks his followers to share positivity amongst those around them – both online and offline. He also encourages people to showcase what they are best at to make a difference. His advice makes sense, as positive content only circulates continuously and impacts people in a good way. Watch the video here.

Awal Madaan – teaches basic and conversational English and has close to 6 million fans. After working in the corporate sector for over 14 years, he switched back to his old passion for teaching. You can watch his videos here.
Tamil Tech Guruji – is a mobile application developer and actively posts reviews, tips and tricks for tech enthusiasts especially those in Tamil Nadu, amassing over 1.2 million followers. You can watch his videos here.

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