Top 5 Parameters For Buying The Best Face Wash

Facewash is an every day usage product. It’s by far one of the most important decision of your personal care which should be taken care of (because you use it everyday twice or more to keep your face healthy). Lets look at what are the major factors we should consider while buying a facewash.

What constitutes a great facewash. What makes it to out top of line face washes, what are the things I should look at while buying a facewash.

1) Ingredients which fight Oiliness

Majority of the facewash users look at the ingredients which help fight oiliness and thus reduce chances of getting acne induced pimples, blackheads etc.

After all who doesn’t like great pimple free skin.

Some of the most commonly sought after ingredients for fighting oiliness are Honey, Besan etc. which have great anti-bacterial properties which exfoliates oil skin into smooth and protects from allergies, combats pimples.

2) Ingredients which help with Dry skin

So not everyone suffers from oil induced facial issues, some people are looking for deep cleansing of skin and even a moisturizing benefit in a face wash. Milk cream and Kesar are some very common ingredients hunted by those who suffer from dry skin.

Who doesn’t like a blemish free skin which looks properly moisturized and gives a great glow.

3) Chemical free Face wash

Chemicals have known to cause more damage to the skin and the natural acids underlying the skin more than any external factor.

Most people today look for paraben free, sulphate free, nitrosamine free products. Generally, ayurvedic, natural and organic products are given the top priority. Natural face wash for glowing and youthful skin is what most people desire and it comes when the product is completely chemical free.

4) Product Fragrance

What attracts most beyond the promise of clear, radiant and youthful skin is the product fragrance.

Sometimes too strong smells turns off the user. However its best to find products which emanate mild yet mesmerizing fragrance a guarantee to keep the product for long.

Do not look for stronger smells as you do not want to smell like a bouquet of flowers.

5) Texture of the face wash for easy application; design of the package

A mildly semi liquid face wash helps in easy application. If a small amount of face wash can be applied easily to form lather on the skin it can be used 2-3 times a day easily.

The design of the face wash dispenser needs to be adequate and not wasteful but should be so well made that it can help with a quick wash for working women as well

The above are some of the most generic factors while choosing the right face wash.

We came across a number of face washes, one of the face wash which did pass on most of the parameters was the Medimix Ayurveda range of face washes. They have multiple options including some really interesting ones Anti Tan and Anti-Pollution to name a few.


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