Understand How They Feel

As a parent, it’s our responsibility to understand our kids. Sometimes it may happen that they get confused, afraid, guilty, or ashamed to share something with us. But then it’s our duty to make our kids feel comfortable so that they don’t hesitate to share their problems and secrets with us.


We always heard how a family member or friends can abuse small kids just to make themselves feel good and satisfied. Kids are too innocent to understand this or the intentions of the other person who is trying to use them. They get scared to open up and talk with their parents. 


We parent need to be extra vigilant and look for the signs. For example, a child may hesitate to meet that particular person next time. So we should carefully notice this that why the kid is ignoring to visit or meet that particular person. Kids can’t open so easily to their parents and that’s why some ill-minded family, friends, strangers take advantage of it. They started touching the private part of our kids which makes the kids so uneasy and uncomfortable that they try to run, in fact, a tight hug shouldn’t be allowed. Kids feel scared to discuss all these things with their parents or maybe that particular person has frightened them to not to share anything with their parents.


They are some steps which we can do to take care of our kids:-


*  Don’t respond to kids with anger. If you are angry or upset take a deep breath and control yourself. Learn how to cope with anger and frustration because once kid get scared of you they will never feel comfortable talking to you 


* Don’t leave your kids alone with a stranger or at home alone. Always keep an eye on them and ask them to stay away from the stranger.


* Be careful with your caretakers. Always keep an eye and sometimes give a surprise visit to see how they are behaving with your kid. 


* Make sure our kids understand what is good for them and what is not. And always come to talk to parents or with an adult, if something happens with them. It is ok to talk, they will not get into trouble because we are always with them. 


* Tell them to trust only a few people and mention the names to them so that they will be always careful.


* Try to be more friendly with your kid as it helps them to be comfortable to share their problems with you or to get an answer to their query.


* Always keep privacy settings on social media websites when kids are using the computer. And make sure to keep the computer in a drawing-room, so that you can keep an eye on what they are doing.


It’s the need of the time to understand our kids and how they feel to protect them from bad things. Hope this article of mine can help all the parents. But I would like to know your views too so that I can include them in my lifestyle to protect my kids. 


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