Waiting To Go For A Blind Date

Yes I am still waiting to go for a blind date to a beautiful unknown place……

A Blind Date……………..Doesn’t this sound interesting, but here the blind date is not with a person instead it is about a place.

Everyone has a dream to go to a place where they can meet the real them, and being one of those typical human being, I too have a dream of going to a place, where no one can find me, and I will call it a #blinddate with myself only.

Yes a blind date with a place where I can find peace, happiness. A place where the shimmering golden rays of sun wakes me up from a carefree sleep like a child, a place where I can sit for long while watching the sunset and get lost in its unparalleled beauty and a place here I can just enjoy the serene beauty of the nature while having a cup of tea and get lost with myself.

Spending a day with myself by walking on unknown streets in chilled winter by wearing my favourite black outfit paired with my favourite boots, watching unknown people and doing all that I want without any hesitation of ‘Log Kya kahenge’…………….. this is what I want to experience on my blind date

A place where no one knows me, where I can be the real one without any hassles, where I can feel the joy of freedom, to enjoy my priceless life.

I feel it’s should be a place where I can play with snow, as I have never experienced this. Oh God, already getting goosebumps now only while I am thinking all these things in my mind, don’t know how will I feel or react, when I will witness my dream turning into a reality.

Currently I am imagining how I will look when I will be playing with snow, making small snowballs and throw it in the sky.

And in the night, I will love to sit in my balcony to watch the beautiful stars, talk with them and counting them ocassionally……………..Just like that sardar kid from the movie Kuch kuch hota hain 😛 😛

This sums up my feelings when I think about my blind date to an unknown place. I don’t know which place it will be but I would love to witness this place soon with myself with a tag of……………….Dont Disturb Please. :-))))


30 thoughts on “Waiting To Go For A Blind Date”

  1. I too am in search of such a place where it’s just me and no one else ..I can be myself and do whatever I want to…such a place is still in my thoughts and not reality

  2. Seriously I also need a bit of relaxation and a little disconnect from internet and phone for a while. Need to put Don’t Disturb please tag when I go to such destination as well.

  3. Amazing and beautiful post. The blind date is not with a person but it is regarding a place. The concept of blind date is so innovative. Great thoughts.

  4. Seriously it would be amazing to just go somewhere you would never have imagined but it gives you some peace and time to hibernate.

  5. You have echoed feeling in my heart about a blind date. Though I am traveling tomorrow but my heart can’t stop thinking of the epic trip that’s planned in near future. Even I love sky gazing!

  6. Loved reading your blog on going for a place part of #TheBlindList. A nice initiative by Lufthansa. I am sure getting away from the busy life will give the much needed peace & happiness. What would be your favorite places go as part of Blind List.

  7. You seem to have captured the idea of going for holiday part of BlindList very well. I would also love to go to a place for peace and happiness. Great initiative by Lufthansa to let us think on the lines 🙂

  8. Its such an amazing feeling to be at these wonderful places like you have described in this post. Amazing ya!

  9. That’s very beautiful blind date to go and explore this beautiful world. Like you I always wished to take a walk in winters evening all alone

  10. Reading this post Has tempted me also to spend some alone time with myself and nature … indeed ! A peaceful feeling it will be

  11. Exactly what’s going on in my mind now. Go alone somewhere with myself. It’s me time. It’s quality time. It’s totally worth every moment. You should do it. It will change your life

  12. This was a good read, quite heartening. The blind list place you’ve opted for is somehow a perfect dreamy location and I would love to witness the same.

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