What Is Happiness ?

Yes, this time I come with a question, that what is happiness?

And I have lots of answer for it, happiness is when I see a smile on my kid’s face, happiness is watching the rain, happiness is having my favourite pani poori. Happiness comes in different ways, we can find it in small things, let it be a simple hug from our dear ones or just a forehead kiss on by our mother. Even these simple things casts a spell of happiness.

In fact happiness can be on any event , moment or memory, when we remember someone it brings a smile on our face, a morning text from someone special.
Happiness is a feeling that can be created by ourselves only, yes we can find it in many things, and today I am sharing about happyzozo.com, where they try to bring a smile on everyone’s face with sketches. They are giving a chance to everyone to register with them and start seeing sketches for their website. Yes that’s true , and for first 100 sketches they will pay Rs15 / Sketch after 100 sketches they will pay Rs 30/ sketch. Isn’t it a happy moment for everyone and the best part is that anyone can register here from the world.

Now this is I call a perfect happiness for everyone, especially for those who is an artist. The sketches can be on any theme like friendship sketch, love sketch, good night sketch, Good morning Images sketches or more.

So don’t miss to check out their website for more details because happiness is all about bringing a smile on everyone’s face.

4 thoughts on “What Is Happiness ?”

  1. Happiness sach me sabke liye alag meaning rakhti hai, mere jaise log to hawa k jhonke se bhi khush ho jaatey hain
    Ye site to acchi batai aapne, meri choti bitiya facebook per inki post per mujhe tag karti rehti hai, un sabko bhi ye bhejti hu

  2. Thanks for sharing this, I love to make sketches would love to check this website

  3. Love the thought that happiness can be found in the smallest events. It it so true! We always look for big events, often ignoring the ordinary, every day happiness.

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