What is PR ? How Does It Work?

PR is a short form of ” Public Relations”.

Public Relations is all about sending the right message to the right audience with the help of the right people. They try to create a strong brand reputation. They promote about the brand within the client industries amongst the right people.

It uses the media and other direct and indirect mediums to create and maintain a positive brand image and a strong relationship with the target audience.

In simply way , public relations is a process of managing the release and spread of brand related information to the public to maintain a favourable reputation of the brand. This process includes what information should be released, how it should be drafted, which media should be used to release the information

There are different types of PR

1)  Media Relations

2) Community Relations

3) Internal Communications

4) Public Affairs

5) Online and social media communications

6) crisis Communications

7) Strategic communication

All the above mentioned PRs works in their respective niche. The main aim is to use multiple channels and techniques to aid companies and clients to increase their brand reach. Good marketing is very important to create good relationships with people. If it is managed poorly chances are high for a company to be out of the business.

The main aim of public relations is to understand the target audience. Because it is the most important strategy to get success in the work given by their client. They need to research and identify the demographics of their client. With the right platform and right people, chances are high to get the best result.

A PR company should have the strongest connection with all the people.

As their job is to generate positive publicity for their client to enhance the good reputation of the brand.

Public relations offices have the responsibility to take care of the reputation of a company with the right management.

They need to do press releases, deal with press inquiries and sometimes need to manage crises as well in a positive wat. They do multiple works at a time. Writing, editing leaflets , brochures, press release, speeches, newsletters, websites, and social media.

One needs to be very punctual when they are in the field of PR. It is a tough job but a very interesting one.

The main goal of PR is to boost the reputation of the brand.

There are many PR companies, though an individual can be a PR. But I would suggest it is good to work in a PR company. Because as a freelancer PR we get fewer opportunities to work with big brands or companies but with the help of PR companies, chances are high to get very good opportunities.

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  1. If you can maintain a good PR with anyone you interact with be it neighbors, clients, employer, co worker etc … just understand you are in a good place to enjoy life

  2. Great info dear. yes, PR play a main role in enhancing reputation of brand. you have mentioned their various role so well in this post. indeed a useful post for bloggers.

  3. The relationship of a PR person is like a bridge between the brand and public. It sure needs finesse and calmness to be in this profession, as people can rough on some days.

  4. PR plays a big role in brand building for any corporate or person. In current times, communication has become vital and the role of PR has further gained momentum.

  5. Appreciate your effort in writing about PR. It is really a need for someone to get a good connection with people who would eventually help them put out their great ideas.

  6. Since I am working as a freelancer and blogger, I always want to expand my work genre. This post was so informative. Thank you for sharing

  7. PR plays a big role in building a brand. And these days i am working on building my brand I am so glad that I came across your detailed article about PR’s. Thank you for sharing

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