Why Freecell is one of my favourite games

It feels really good to see that there has been a mark improvement in the COVID-19 situation in the country. Consequently, things are getting back on the track. Considering the situation schools are taking classes through online mode, offices have started working as usual, theaters are also being opened and the companies have started rolling the release dates for the movies to hit the big screen, etc.

Being a housewife, after sending my husband to office and kids being engaged in their online classes, I was left quite alone in the home. With nothing interesting to do, I was gripped with boredom. Hence, to kill the boredom and relax my mind, I started playing games online.

While surfing I came across one of my most favorite childhood game i.e. Freecell Solitaire and it was no turning back for me.

So, in this post, I will be telling you about why I like to play Freecell Solitaire in my free-time. I will also be sharing some Freecell Solitaire tips with you so make sure to read this post till the end.

1) Unique Member of Solitaire Family:

Freecell is a unique game that belongs to the Solitaire family. In this game  all the cards are dealt face up, and nearly every deal can be solved. All you need to do is play with full attention. You can move cards to and from the free cells as per your requirement but you can’t stack cards there.

2) Mind-stimulation Game:

While outdoor games helps to provide stimulation to our limbs and muscles, Freecell solitaire helps to stimulate the mental capabilities. For those having space constraints, Freecell makes a perfect game for them.

3) Easy To Understand and Play:

The interface of this game is quite easy to understand. To select a Freecell solitaire card, all you need to do is to click or tap the card. From there, you can either drag it or simply click or tap on where you want to place it. To send Freecell directly to their respective foundation pile, you can double click/tap eligible Freecell cards as well.

4) Play On The Go:

Earlier I used to play this game on my personal computer, but now I can play this game on the go, through my smartphone.

Well, the above mentioned points makes Freecell solitaire a perfect game to kill the boredom and also helps me to unwind myself after a hectic workday. Freecell solitaire aim to stimulate our mental capabilities and is loved by people of all age groups.

Talking about some Freecell Solitaire tips, those are as follows:

• Keep constructing sequence of cards in descending order and alternating colors.

• Pay attention to building sequences. It is as important as moving cards to foundations.

• Freecells should be used temporarily. Try to free them up again as soon as you can.

• More open freecells means the longer the sequence you can move between columns.

• An empty column is more important than an empty Freecell.

Apart from the one mentioned above, www.solitaire.org offers a collection fun games that includes card games, mahjong tile games, hidden object games and a bunch of other fun and cool online games that you can play directly in your web browser without downloading any application. So, what are you waiting for? Play games to kill the boredom!!


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