Why it is good to use organic colours on holi

As we all know that the festival of colours has just gone. Yes, I am talking about the Holi festival that brings everyone together and is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm all across the country. Gujiyas, Bhang, thandai, fun, dhamaal and colors, all such things add a lot more awesomeness to this festival.

I would like to tell you one thing that from this holi all the member of my family including me and my friends, we all have started using natural & organic colours to play Holi. Because playing a safe and happy holi is always our first priority. As we all know that general colours which are available in the market contain harmful chemicals, consequently affecting our skin, causing infection or irritation.

The Gulal and the wet colours are not made of natural colours, basically, these colours used for industrial production, like trees, engine oils, chemicals, solvents etc. So there are a high chance that these colours can be harmful to our skin.

As it is said that Prevention is better than cure, so it’s good that we should take precaution before it hurt our skin and hair. As by using organic naturals colours we are not only taking care of our skin but also saving our environment as it don’t harm our nature.

Now let me tell you why organic colours is good for our skin:-

* Because regular colours are made using chemical and are harmful to our skin which may lead to serious skin damages.

* Regular colours can give severe health hazards as well. From diseases like cancer, asthma to allergies, many other problems can occur by using these colours.

* We can make organic colours at home or get it from the market too as they come at a cheap price

* Organic colours are good because they are eco-friendly and don’t harm the nature and environment.

To play a safe holi we all should start using organic colours, firstly because of our kid’s safety and for our skin too.

I have taken the pledge from this holi to use organic colours. What about you guys?

This post is a part of of the #HoliHoppers blog hop hosted by Mandavi , Dipika , Ruchi , Aesha and sponsored by VLCC beauty products & Phutawan Thailand.

38 thoughts on “Why it is good to use organic colours on holi”

  1. Organic colour is really good for skin and no skin rashes problems .Everyone should play holi with organic colours

  2. Great to know that you have pledged to play Holi with Organic Colours.
    Infact, everyone should play holi with organic colours.

  3. Being a mother its my responsibility to make sure that my kid is safe..So, I too use organic colours for Holi..they come off easily and does not cause any harm to skin..

  4. Totally agree with u. Organic colors are safe so one can play as much as they want. My sis in law prepares Holi colors at home and they are truly wonderful.

  5. We are only using organic colour since few years now,and like u said it’s better to take prevention and stay safe.

  6. I completely agree with you, we should all switch to organic colours. This is for our safety and also for the safety of our children’s skin.

  7. I’ve been using colours since last 3-4 years. They’re much better and safer than harmful permanent colours.

  8. You are right priyal.. We should use organic colours as the are better both for the skin and the environment. There is no reason to use toxic colours when organic ones are readily available in the market at cheap prices too.

  9. Absolutely right. It’s very hazardous to use regular colours. I dread removing these colours as well. Need to scrub them off and that hampers skin quality too. It’s better to use organic colours only. Glad to have you onboard #HoliHoppers

  10. I agree with all the points you shared but not many people do it. I really wish people use only Organic colours on Holi.

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