Why It’s Good To Stay In Joint Family

Family: A group of people, that are tied together by invisible strings of love and care that connects
their heart.

“Family, like branches in a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one”.

Family plays quite a significant role in our life. When we all ate together with our family members, it is
indeed the happiest feeling in this universe. Though sometimes there can be some misunderstanding, as
it is said that No family is perfect… we argue, we fight. We even stop talking to each other at times. But
in the end, the family is family……The love will always be there.

I agree that there are some disadvantages of staying in a joint family, but the advantages are far more in number as compared to disadvantages.

Let’s start with Advantages:

* From small occasion to big festivals, in a joint family we enjoy every moment of life. Let it be Holi, Diwali, marriage, or any other function, it becomes a lot more enjoyable as well are together. A small festival gets transformed into a grand festival, when all the ladies of the family
celebrate it together, such as karva Chauth. We all ladies celebrate it together and enjoy a lot with each other.

* The MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING is what matters when we are staying together. It helps us to
take a right decision and prevent us from getting ahead on the wrong path.

* In a joint family, kids can study in a group. So they can help each other, which helps in enhancing
their skills and also helps them to learn more.

* Everyone learns to stay in DISCIPLINE. Consequently there will be more punctuality in any work that the family members will do together

* If one of the family members gets sick, then he/she can take proper rest without any worry of
daily chores as other family members can manage the work.

* When an an emergency, it’s family only that come first to help us.

Now, let’s talk about the disadvantages of living in a joint family.

* Sometimes there may be some misunderstanding between the partners which can lead to creating a problem in the joint family.

* Some people in joint family love to poke others, who are innocent by heart, they torture them emotionally. This mostly happens in teenager siblings, cousins.

* Many people who live in the joint family think that if we they get to earn individually, then they can
earn more. Such type of misconception can discord the relations with other members.

* Every parent want their kids to get the best education, hence they want to send them to a well-
reputed school whose fees is too high, but being in a joint family, sometimes it becomes difficult to adjust because of other kids as well.

* Only one person i.e. the head of the family takes all the important decision, this sometimes create an inferiority complex among others

Nowadays, nuclear families have become quite common as many youngsters believe that they are
happier while staying alone, but while thinking so, they forget the difficulties, that they have to
face all alone as there will be no one to help them out.

Staying in the joint family is truly advantageous. I will support this statement of mine by sharing one of my personal experience. Once there was a crisis in our business and it was difficult to manage it. We had to bear huge loss in business. The time was quite difficult for all of us. But as it is said, Family is all about support and care, we all didn’t give up. It was not easy to manage everything in a big family but we didn’t lose hope.

A sweet moment of this time that is deeply etched in my memory, is related with the children of our family. When they somehow got to know about the reason of our sadness, they brought their piggy bank to help us……..A moment cum memory that proved that ‘Unity is our STRENGTH’.

We all stand together with each other, and started a new business with full zeal and with the God’s blessing the result turned out to be quite positive.
Yes, our business starts growing day by day and we were back again in the same position in few years.

And the most important benefit of staying in a joint family is that everyone supports each other especially when any tough period is going on, so it becomes easy to tackle the situation.

Jo Saath Rahke Milta Nah, Who Akele Rahne Pe Nahi Milta…
Yes its LOVE 🙂

Blood makes you related. Loyalty makes you FAMILY.

The love, care, support and cooperation which we generally notice in a joint family, can’t be found
anywhere else. No doubt at some phase we have to compromise too, but I think that doesn’t matter at all, as life is all about spreading smiles and we are getting happiness in return as well.

At last, I am going to sum it up with this saying,

A family is an anchor, that holds us through life’s storms

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49 thoughts on “Why It’s Good To Stay In Joint Family”

    1. Thanks for liking it & feeling bad that you don’t have an option to be with joint family. Anyway your friends can be ur family 🙂

  1. Truly join family is the best family loved the way you shared truly incredible

  2. Well the best part of being in a joint family is that we have so many people whom we can share our happiness and sorrows too. Really amazing topic. Loved it.

  3. I grew up in a joint family set up. And Cant agree more on this topic. The bond, closeness we share living in a joint family is priceless. So many things are taken care of unknowingly. The kind of love kids get to experience, family support we get, everything makes it a beautiful place


  4. My paternal side has a joint family whereas my husband’s paternal side has a nuclear one…so I can very well relate to this article..wonderfully written..!!

  5. Wow such a beautiful write up!! I always love to be with my family and when the family is big.. what else one can ask for! Loved reading this post

  6. joint families are a blessing, kids are best groomed in joint families.
    i myself was born and brought up in a joint family and i know how it feels 🙂

  7. I agree, I cane from the joint family and my maternal grandmother family is joint family till now after 4generation and I am proud to say so because it’s rare to find nowadays

  8. it is really important to live in joint family. Kids will grow up with great moral values. Moreover kids will be more patient and understanding.

  9. Everything has its good and bad sides. Joint family has so many benefits. One can learn the value of share and care here. I didnt have joint family but I have some good memories with my grand ma.

  10. Its important to appreciate the family we are blessed to have ,I suppose.Very interesting post

  11. Amidst people who say big family brings lots of responsibilities you are one of those people who value relationships, love and affection. Glad that I read this post.

  12. Though I possibly couldn’t adjust in a joint family set-up, your post made me smile. The pros and cons you’ve enlisted so meticulously made this post so beautiful to read.

  13. I think what the current generation is missing is sense of belonging and compromise. Living in a joint family would teach you everything you need to learn to be out there in the world and truly be a part of the society – both advanatges and disadvanatges eventually lead to the better you. But alas! that’s not really something the elders of today would agree upon or sacrifice so that their kids grow up to be better people. No?

  14. Useful post and I believe we need to create an environment where we can stay together and instead of thinking to become nuclear we must invest our brain in taking such decisions where we can divide or set timings of work and money and still stay together

  15. Its heartening to know that you beleive in the benefits of a joint family and live with such a beautiful family. Having stayed in a nuclear family before marriage and in a joint family after wards, both the set ups have their pros and cons – is what I would say.

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