Why It’s necessary to teach our kids the value of Culture & Moral Values !

We all want that our kids to walk on the right path, so that they can learn the value of our culture, traditional and moral values but in these busy hours of our work, such things gets ignored. But we should think about this and let our children know about the moral value of tradition, so that it should help them to keep their personalities and become a good human being.

So here I am sharing some of my personal views, which I think will help in the right upbringing of the
kids. Let’s know about it and please do correct me if I am wrong anywhere, as it is always good to be corrected when we are wrong.

1) As everyone knows in Indian culture family comes first and they are the pillar of our life so tell kids that no matter how busy they are, but when it comes to Family, it always comes first. We should always take care of everyone in our family.

2) Always help others whether they are are rich or poor. Teach kids that their focus should be on helping the needy and not on the status of the person.

3) In India, Respect is the greatest value. So for kids, it is important to know how to respect elders, youngsters and others too.

4) Tell them to be always kind to others, when it comes to charity never fail to help others.

5) Children should know the value of ‘Time & Responsibility’. Teach them that when they take any work, then it is their responsibility to complete it on time.

6) Teach them that they should always be honest with their words, never lie just to save yourself, as it says one lie is going to distract your life in future, so it is good to be loyal & honest always.

Honesty Is The Best Policy ‘.

7) Teach your child to be thankful for others if they help you or make you understand something, as one thanks can bring so many good changes in life.

8) Teach them the importance of Sharing because ‘Sharing is Caring’. Ask them to donate their old toys,
clothes to the needy people.

‘We Make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give’.

9) Teach your child to forgive and move on in life, which will make their life easier and peaceful always.

Forgive, Because None of us is perfect ”.

10) No one can be perfect, so never judge anyone, accept them as the way they are.Judging someone can’t make you perfect.

11) The most important thing which we should teach our kids is Love, but we should let them know about this by surprising them with sweet gestures like slipping a note in their notebook, make their favourite food dish, surprise them with their favourite toys and can do other things. These sweet gestures let them know the true value of love & care and acts to create sweet memories cherishable forever.

So these are few things which we can add to our child’s life so that they know the value of everything and hence value our tradition too. Together we can achieve anything in life, but individually it will be little difficult. So let’s stay together
and spread love and smiles 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Why It’s necessary to teach our kids the value of Culture & Moral Values !”

  1. Children learn a lot by seeing what we do than by hearing what we say.My experience personally.

  2. i agree with your post , me being a mother i always try to teach much abt this to my little one tysm for sharing
    this is so beautiful, love to visit once…

  3. Great read… it is indeed necessary to teach our children these moral values but before that it is important for us to follow the same as children see children do. When they see us do particular things they follow it …

  4. In this fast paced life it is indeed necessary to inculcate these values.. lived the quote

    ‘We Make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

  5. Nice post detailing important values systems that should be inculcated in every child to make them a better human being. Emphasis is on family value, charity, respect, kindness etc. I think, another point may be added that is respect for difference in view point.

  6. This is true especially these days when our kids are unaware of our culture, morals and values. I agree with all the points you mentioned.

  7. This life lessons have become much more important in today’s context where the social media is influence their behavior and the way they look at their life and living is undergoing a dramatic change. Respect, forgiveness and sharing are so vital to our living a meaningful life and once ingrained into their physic that will remain life long with them and it gives back the goodness in life that they deserve…
    Well thought out post, and thought provoking.

  8. I totally agree to each and everything shared by you. Culture & Moral Values are very crucial for every child and it is the responsibility of parents to teach the kids . These are some nice list on values. Kids follow the elders.


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