Why Kids Should Learn Basic Cooking Skills

Being ‘self-sufficient’ in life is one of the prime keys to success. It is that one important thing that can take you ways ahead in life. Being self-sufficient doesn’t only mean being capable of doing things on your own professionally but on a personal front too. Because you are not relying on anyone else for your tasks, you are reducing your dependency on other people.

The trait of self-sufficient has to develop in the kids right from the start. These habits should be inculcated through various processes and learning which helps the kid in growing as a self-sufficient person. One of such learning is learning basic cooking skills. According to me, there are the following benefits if the parents can make their kids learn basic cooking skills.


During their learning process, the kids also learn to help their parents which not only reduces the workload of the parents but also develops the habit of ‘helping’ among the kids.


Few times if the parents are away or if they are ill or not in a position of cooking the meals then the kids, if they know basic cooking can come to the rescue in the situation. The kids can prepare the basic meal for everyone at the home.


Usually, when the parents are not able to cook they order food from outside which usually is junk food. if the kids know how to cook the basic meals then the overall intake of junk food can be reduced which has a huge impact on the health of the family


Kids get hunger pangs in between their meals. If they know how to cook then they can take care of these hunger pangs on their own and can eat healthy food.


Whenever a person knows how to do a particular task that is usually not known to everyone, it boosts confidence. Cooking is one such task. This confidence building can help the kids to do other achievements in their life.

Cooking is one skill that kids should learn. They can never go hungry if they know cooking. They can help their parents if they know cooking. All parents should make their kids learn basic cooking skills.


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14 thoughts on “Why Kids Should Learn Basic Cooking Skills”

  1. I agree with you that learning to cook start at home I know as a mom of 2 teenage boys they both can cook and clean just in case they choose never to get married .

  2. Agree love the article, my son who’s 18 learned the skill & life is so easy for him for me & I hope for the future girl as well ☺️

  3. Basic cooking skills is must for everyone. Knowing basics can help our kids in any situation.And as you said, when they know how to cook, they will less likely to be dependent on junk food.

  4. I am in favour of your post and I agree its important. I insist that when mother’s cook keep you child with you at a safe distance and let him/her do what you do in kitchen. Observation is the best way to train the kids.

  5. Its so important for kids to learn basic cooking because its a life skill. You have explained it very well☺️

  6. Yes, very true. Basic cooking skills are must, irrespective of gender. Especially, people who work far away from home are more prone to develop a habit of eating from outside or junk food. It would be great for their health, if they know some basic skills.

  7. Well writing…. This is very great and very nice information. Thank you so much for sharing and informing this

  8. Yes I knew very well about Basic cooking skills is must for everyone. Knowing basics can help our kids in any situation. This is very good information. Thank you so much for sharing

  9. Skills and healthy habits children learn by cooking.
    It’s an Important Life Skill. It will make them self independent. Great thoughts.

  10. I’m at advocate of teaching kids how to do things in the kitchen. It’s not that I want to pass them the responsibility of cooking but learning how to cook is one skill in life.

  11. I am completely agree with you.. though I am not a monther yet, but I can completely understand your all points and it’s importance. Yes, we can start with “no cooking food” which may not need to put on burner.

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