Why Rangbaaz Phirse Web Series Is Different From The Previous Season

I am not a serial person, I can’t watch boring TV shows and melodramatic saas-bahu series. A friend of mine suggested me to watch Rangbaaz Phirse on ZEE5. I must say, I watched the trailer, it was just amazing. I binge-watched the Rangbaaz Phirse series and absolutely love it.

Story Line of Rangbaaz Phirse

The Rangbazz Phirse is also a gangster drama like the previous season. It has the perfect rustic background, star cast and background music which will encourage you to binge-watch the series. Rangbaaz Phirse is an amazing adaptation of a real life gangster’s story and the storytelling is brilliant.

This series showcases the caste based conflict, crime, politics and how a youngster’s dream is lost. It is a semi biopic of Amarpal Singh who is the victim of poor intentions and worst political agendas.


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The poor guy falls victim and gets honey trapped into the black world of crime. In the end, he and his beloved pay a heavy price. The plotline revolves around revenge, anger, passion, blood, friendship, drama and betrayal.

It is nice to know that the writers have stick to showcase the real story of gangsters in each episode. The series also showcases the dirty ways and tricks by politicians to stay ahead in their parties. This is how crinimal and police became a victim of their hunger. The cops and gangers love their voice and identity in the long run.

The entire season comprises of 9 episodes, each episode is approximately for 40 minutes and it keeps the audience glued. The drama quotient is high and the impressive detail offers the best experience to the audience.

Apart from the storyline, here are 5 top reasons why you should watch the Rangbaaz Phirse web series on ZEE5.

Rustic Background

Rangbaaz Phirse is a ZEE5 original, the story line is unique and the rustic background adds more volume to the story line. The story takes you back to the 1990s. The series showcases the real struggle of a young and enthusiastic guy who is a victim of cracks in society. The black political agendas ruin his life.

This series is based on the story of Amarpal Singh, he is considered to be a powerful gangster of Rajasthan. The entire set up and plotline gives you a rustic feeler about the entire storyline. The web series replicates the real struggle of youth who falls into the bad political trap.

Amazing Star Cast

The powerful star cast includes Jimmy Shergill, Gul Panag, Sharad Kelkar, Sushant Singh, etc. The star cast has done full justice and the dialogue delivery is on point. It is an absolute delight to watch actors speaking with a touch of the native slang. All the dialogues are power packed and spoken with great confidence. You can feel the intensity of the situation.

Source: Video Streaming Platform ZEE5

Not A Born Criminal

The Rangbaaz Phirse series conveys a strong message i.e nobody is born as a criminal. The cracks in society and various policy issues force him to become a granger. The series showcases the struggle and roller coaster journey of Amarpal Singh into the world of crime. Amarpal Singh is unusual, he is a product of caste supremacy and political rivalry. The lead cast narrates the tale of a dream gone wrong which couldn’t be sorted.

Gangster Effect

If you truly enjoy gangster movies and TV shows, Rangbaaz is surely going to surprise you with twists and turns, gunfights, anger, amazing bunch of villains, powerful dialogues, fierce facial expressions and a lot more. The well choose cast ensures, the entire series stay lively. Jimmy Shergill is just awesome and he murders powerful politicians just like that. Zeeshan has also impressed with his sober personality as a cunning IPS officer. Till the end, you will never able to find out whose side he is supporting.

Powerful Female Casting

The female casting is done totally right. The role of Spruha Joshi has immense potential, she has one full justice to as a Rajasthani housewife. She being the good and dedicated housewife always supports her husband whether he is a criminal or an IPS officer. The role of Gul Panag is small but she ensures her presence is felt.

The tale of Amar Singh is well narrated in the Rangbazz web series. It is a hard-hitting series which showcases the ugly truth of caste hierarchy and how it affects the individual life. In the end, Amarpal realizes how he has lost his family, folks, friends, and home in spite of having accumulated wealth, respect and fear.

IMBD has rated this web series whopping 8.7/10. The drama line is juicy at its best and the viewing experience is excellent. Kudos to the director for shaping up each character very well. If you enjoy gangster shows, don’t miss to checkout Rangbazz Phirse at ZEE5.

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  1. I am loving this web series a lot. Just watched first episode yesterday and now I am curious to know more what’s in store with further episodes.

  2. I haven’t seen the first too and ur review sounds too good and induces me to start watching. Thank u for sharing this Priyal.

  3. not sure if this is my type of series because i have realised that with our motherly jobs, it takes another form of interest to actually go and want to watch another episode. if it does not pull us to it, it wont work for us.

  4. Though I missed the first season of Rangbaaz, the plot line is very intriguing. I would love to watch both seasons.

  5. I was searching for some exciting web series to watch and just read your post. The story Line sounds exciting to me, will watch this for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I watched this series. This is indeed a must watch…. i love the story line and its very different from part one… if you have watched part 1 you cant predict this… this is a great watch… love your post about it

  7. I’m not too familiar with Zee5, but after seeing a few reviews today about shows on blogposts I will look into it. Rangbaaz Phirse review is thought-provoking as you have covered everything about it. Circumstances do make us what we are sometimes. It’s a whole topic for debate! Will check it out.

  8. I dont have a zee5 subscription and this is the 2nd review i read about this channel. seems like i have to get it soon!

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