Will Edtech Stick In The Post Pandemic World

A quarter of this year has already passed, yet things don’t seem to get back on track. Students are trying to keep the momentum going with a mix of online classes and offline classes. The good news, however, is that conventional classrooms are witnessing a lot of positive changes thanks to EdTech. But will EdTech continue to stick around in the post pandemic world or is it just another flash in the plan?

I would say that EdTech will continue to stay relevant and help enhance the learning experience of all students in the near future.

How EdTech is driving the change?

Let’s discuss the same through some value points:

  • Bringing Innovation to Classrooms:

EdTechs are developing innovative and creative models of learning. For example, BYJU’S The Learning App, is delivering world‑class learning content through movie‑like videos and game-like interactions. It helps students learn in an interesting and engaging way.

  • Developing an All New Learning Infrastructure:

EdTechs are bringing a change in the infrastructure of conventional education system. Big data analysis techniques are used to understand the most effective and efficient ways for learners to progress. Consequently, it can lead to efficient education system, reduced education cost, assure new levels of standardization and improve access to education.

  • Creating a Flexible Model: EdTech tools help create a flexible and sustainable model of education for the future.

For Example:

Disney • BYJU’S Early Learning App: It provides an immersive learning experience for children in Kindergarten to Grade 3, this app amalgamates content expertise of BYJU’S with Disney’s engaging stories and beloved characters. The app teaches complex subjects like math and science in a story-like manner using Disney’s iconic characters and by providing real-life examples. The app can also be integrated BYJU’S (Osmo) state of art digital worksheets, puzzles and more, which create hands‑on learning experiences.

BYJU’S – Parent Connect App: This brilliantly designed app helps parents get more involved in their child’s education by providing them real‑time updates on the child’s progress and performance. It also keeps track of the screen-time, and highlights subjects that need more attention. It allows parents to be a part of the process from home and/or on-the-go.

Learning tools such as these could develop hybrid models of learning that combine the best of online and offline education. Teachers can evolve into something more than just knowledge vessels, they can transform into mentors and mundane tasks can be removed by automation.

There is absolutely no doubt in saying that EdTech will stick and will help to create a holistic learning experience for students in the post-pandemic era. What do you think? Let me know in the comment section below.

18 thoughts on “Will Edtech Stick In The Post Pandemic World”

  1. EdTech is the future of education. Still a lot of work has to be done keeping in mind the Indian education system. But with pandemic, technology in education has shows its positive effects.

  2. There is no doubt that EdTech helped a lot of our kids to stay connected to their studies, and it’s going to be the future for sure. I am confident, that our Government will think best for kids.

  3. Yes agree dear EdTech is future of our Indian education system. it has helped us a lot in maintaining a learning momentum of our kids during pandemic and it has many impressive features that offers great benefits for kids and teachers both.

  4. Edtech is definitely here to stay. As online education is our future and with such wonderful and practical features it us one of the most loved. The best part is parents can get real time updates.

  5. Edtech is the future of education. It ensured that learning never stopped during the time of pandemic too.

  6. EdTech has changed the way we see and perceive education and is going to be the way ahead too. I haven’t tried BYJU’s app yet but would like to.

  7. Today it is a reality, we have never ever imagined a life without physical schools with learning never getting hampered. But this has come to reality. You have very well explained it.

  8. Trust me edtech helped a great deal during the last year and is continuing to be the helping hand for the normal classes. With ghe levels of innovation and technology advancements I’m sure it will continue to stay

  9. I feel Edtech is going to stay for long as, although it has gained the maximum exposure during the last 1 year, because of the Pandemic situation allover, people has got a hang of it and can realize now, that education is much easier this way too.

  10. Ed Tech is here to stay and till the time, schools reopen, you’ll see more innovation in this space. I will ask my children to explore the Disney BYJU’S Early Learning App today. Thanks for letting us know about the app.

  11. It is definitely going to continue, since it has shown a great success in these difficult times

  12. Edtech got mostly revolutionised during the pandemic only. In fact post-pandemic I see this still being online and education growing at a much faster pace. Platforms like Byjus are definitely helping education sectors move ahead.

  13. For sure the Ed tech has taking a turn during the pandemic. And yes this would show its power. It has changed the way kids learn. Th more smarter and the more faster

  14. The pandemic has introduced us to online and home schooling and BYJUS has made a name for it self in this. Online education is the new thing and BYJUs is leading it very well.

  15. I think EdTech’s are here to stay for sure. But only those that are quite interactive and flexible in the way they conduct classes.

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