Xerox Their Passions



Every parent wants their kid to be successful. They make every effort right from their birth to mould their kid’s life in such a way that the kid is able to make a mark in his life and become an achiever. This is an ongoing process.

To make this process successful the parents need to identify the passions of their kids. They need to carefully observe the strengths and weakness of their kids. Parents need to identify the ‘passions’ which their kids possess. Yes, the correct word is passion. Once a passion is nurtured we can achieve beautiful results in life.

In most situations where kids reflect interests towards different things at one time the decision making becomes difficult. To the rescue the parents can narrate stories of legends from different walks of life to their kids and help them understand the obstacles they came over and became an achiever by simply following their passions respectively. Kids can read their autobiographies, they can read about the legends on the internet, they can discuss about the legend with their counsellor or teacher and help themselves understand about them more and more.

If put in simple words the parents will be guiding their kids to xerox the passions of the legends which the kids think would love to follow and be like them in the future. They will clearly understand that following their passion will make them love their work and they can reach the desired heights in their life. They can take up the good habits from the legends, their passion towards their goal, their hardwork, their focus and so many other things.

Achievers are not born in a day. They need to be nurtured and their passion should be supported right from the beginning.


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