Zone Out When You Are Hurt

There are two types of hurt. First is the physical hurt, when you hurt your body physically. The wounds of which can be treated by a doctor and you can make a comeback as before in sometime. Such hurts doesn’t change your life. Second hurt is the one which has the power to change you as a person. From an extrovert you can become an introvert. You will stop trusting. You become less talkative, put yourself in your shell and you will become inaccessible to people. You forget to laugh. You forget to look at life in a positive way and all you do is to live alone with your thoughts which are mostly negative.

Well, the question is how this hurt happens. Most of the time this hurt is caused by the betrayal. People, whom you kept closed to your heart, shared all your dark secrets with, who you thought will remain with you throughout your life do something selfish which harms you. Clearly they have not kept you in their consideration while doing such an activity and they didn’t thought twice before doing that act.

Question is “Is there a possibility that we can come of this hurt / dilemma cause to us by the world”? And the answer is a big ‘YES’. Have you ever thought of going back to your shell at different intervals and analyze your life, taking account of all the rights and wrongs happening in your life? We term this as ‘ZONING OUT’. To come out of a hurt / emotional damage caused to you, to make yourself stronger, to plan for future in a positive way we need to zone out and remove ourselves from the mainstream life.

Zoning out is simply a phase of introspection. The purpose of zoning out is to stop the intensity of hurt caused and preparing yourself to make a strong and positive comeback.

Mostly, due to hurt we go into deep sadness or depression and make desperate attempts in correcting things immediately. We try to control the situation and people at once and in result it cause more hurt to us. Fact is that of all the things firstly we need to collect ourselves before trying to go after anything else. We need to put an immediate barrier to stop the damage which the hurt may cause us. For this we need to move out of the scenario, stop trying to control the situation, stop going after the people to keep them back in your life.

Fact remains the same “You are your best friend and only you can help yourself”. Zone out and help yourself.

*This article is written by one of my good friend Abhi (Loaursuno)
Thanks for giving your valuable time to write this article for my blog

3 thoughts on “Zone Out When You Are Hurt”

  1. Well written post, understanding the power of zoning out may save various persons , from going into depression and eventually by ending up the precious life. It is the best way to get your life on track in much better direction.

  2. Bahut sahi time per aapka blog read kar rahi hu
    Waise to main jyada dhyan nahi deti per for a moment bura to lagta hai
    Jo hurt karta hai usko main apni life me block hi kar deti hu

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