5 Digital Games From Our Childhood Which We Can Still Play

Childhood is the most beautiful period of everyone’s life. Childhood was all about being active day long to play our favorite game, no matter if it was indoor or outdoor. What we want to do is to play, play and just play with our friends and siblings. But now it has been more than a decade and we are elder but still the child within us is somewhere hidden. Now, we love to play with our kids and sometimes alone on our mobile.

Whenever I am tired of work I take out some so called me-time for myself to do the things which make me feel good from the inside. This includes dancing, painting & playing games.
Though I love all types of games except action ones. I have few games apps on my mobile which I play in the evening or at night. Candy crush & township are some of my favorites.

One day I was looking for new options for online games and I came across a website called plays.org. I was anxious to check it out as it was looking quite awesome. When I started scrolling, I was mesmerized to see that this website offers free and fun online games that one can quickly play from the browser. I was quite surprised to find few games from my childhood i.e. 80s time games.

Plays.org attracts me from the first moment I visited the website. There are more than 100+ games on the portal. We can choose any of our favorite and play it without downloading it. The instructions are available on the website for every game. So it gets easy for us to play it.

I am sharing my favourite 5 childhood games which I found on the website.

Tetra Blocks

This is the most interesting gamein which we have to turn the pieces and drop them in a way that we can create a solid wall where lines can be created. The more lines we will create the more points we will get. At the first stage, we will find it easy to play but slowly when we will get to the higher level by 8-9 it will be difficult for us to cope with the pieces as they will keep falling faster.



I m sure most of the kids from the 80s & 90s remember this game. In a Pinball game, you will see many elements. This is a simple but very interesting game. This game includes many of the elements found in modern pinball games.

Pack Rat

This is a modern and playful remake inspired by the hit arcade classic Pac man. You have to eat the cheese and avoid the cats unless you just had a power pellet in which case treat them like cheese.


This is one of my favourite games. It is an excellent brain game. If you play this game daily you will start to see improvement in your concentration and overall brain power. This is a puzzle game of numbers which we need to solve it


This game is inspired by Scrabble. We can form as many words as we can against the computer. We can improve our vocabulary with the help of wordmeister.

So these are some of my favorite games which I love to play whenever I am free. I feel age doesn’t matter when it comes to games. Whenever I get tired of work I search for a game on plays.org and start playing it. And most of the time it is from my childhood. I am glad to be introduced to this website. Now the fun is double with plays.org as I get to unwind myself by playing my favorite childhood games. 🙂


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11 thoughts on “5 Digital Games From Our Childhood Which We Can Still Play”

  1. I have never been a great digital gaming person. But Sudoku and Word games sound cool. They will be useful and worth trying on this site.

  2. Oh yes, you have reminded me of the childhood games that we used to play. Even I love playing games on play.org, specially as their games are very family friendly.

  3. This post brought back all the childhood memories. Though I am not into games anymore, but this post is certainly nostalgic.

  4. Reliving our childhood always brings a smile on our face and tetra blocks is a game that I still play

  5. Reliving our childhood always brings a smile on our face and tetra blocks is a game that I still play

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