How BlueTie helped me approach the professionals I needed to bring my dream to reality?

It’s been a week I haven’t written a blog, but today I am writing this to tell you all about my experience
with BlueTie app.

From posting my new dishes, opinion or views on the matter, to sharing my life experiences, blogging has now become an integral part of my life.

Meanwhile, this time I decided to make a path for one of my dream i.e. I want to bring my book to reality. I planned to create a tutorial book on parenting long time back but to get my writing in to the next phase, I needed an editor who could refine it.

I thought that the next phase would involve me pitching my book to countless publishing houses in order to get experts detailed feedback. But the thing that worried me was, who is going to select the book that’s half-baked and not edited? So finding a suitable editor was a requisite for me, but I didn’t know how to find such a person who would edit my book with the same excitement that I had written it .

My sister is my go-to person for the solution of all my problems. She helped me in this matter as well.
She recommended me a networking app called BlueTie as she was quite happy with the kind of people, she was able to connect with through the app.

Consequently, I registered myself on BlueTie and defined my objectives – Exchange Ideas and Strategic Partnership. And the App instantly showed me professionals whose objectives were similar as mine. I reached out to few of them and then I realized about the benefits of networking. I found a great editor
and she was also keen on working on something as beautiful as parenting. I was so glad to meet her.

Beside editing my book on parenting, we both are working on how to expand it even further by adding various sections around parenting.
My experience with BlueTie certainly exceeded my expectations. Let me tell you more about BlueTie.

BlueTie is The New Age Professional Networking Platform that enables us to discover and access professionals who complement our objectives at that time. Empowering us to approach professional in a short time and convenient manner, networking has become quite easy, courtesy BlueTie.

You can download the app using my referral code ” pridbb1a” . You can also create your own customized
BlueTie Pin which you can share with others for all your professional communication.

I am sharing the link with you from where you can download the app easily –BlueTieApp and avail the
benefits of new age networking.

And Friends don’t miss to reach out me on the BlueTie app , My BT Pin is ” ppoddar ”

If you want to know more about BlueTie, you can visit their

BlueTie is a platform which believe you focus on networking and not on networking buildings.

A Simple hello could lead to a million of things

And according to the co-founder of BlueTie, Mr. Kunal Garud

“We believe that if one person’s has a
problem, then somewhere else another person has a solution, or probably is the solution himself/herself. The key is in getting these two persons to reach out to each other. And BlueTie is trying to create this professional alchemy”.

That’s all for today. Gonna be back again quite soon to share some other interesting stuff with you all.
Till then, stay tuned and do Comment and Share if you like the post . 🙂


39 thoughts on “How BlueTie helped me approach the professionals I needed to bring my dream to reality?”

  1. This is a really unique and new app for me ..not yet tried but sure now getting more intrested to download and check out !

  2. I am a published author and your blog post has immensely helped me. I will look up for this app and get going on my second book. Thank you.

    1. Oh that’s great to know , then this app is just perfect for you , don’t forget to apply my referral code 🙂

  3. A perfect networking program for professionals! Now the profesional details would not get lost in spams and mails… Thanks for sharing about this!

  4. It definitely looks like an exciting platform. Would love to join it and come on a one to one with my contemporaries from other fields.

  5. A new Age Professional Networking Platform that enables us to discover and access professionals who complement our objectives at that time is such a great news. I am trying it for sure.

  6. This is way too interesting app, will.surely xheck it. and super excited to read your book. When will it be available?

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  12. Bluetie app looks like a very useful networking medium to connect with professionals. Definitely helpful.

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  16. This sounds an interesting app. I am definitely going to check the app using your referral code. Super excited to read your book.

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