A Perfect Way To Give Your Room A New Look

A Perfect Way To Give Your Room A New Look And Feel

“Well, you can own a house easily but you need to pamper it with love and care if you want to transform it into a home”.

Hello friends, hope you are doing good and taking all the necessary precautions to stay safe in this pandemic. According to me one plus point of this pandemic is that we are now spending most of our time in our home with our family. Being the lady of my home, I make sure that everything is at right place and my home looks lively and tidy. I try to give it a makeover on a periodical basis so as to enhance the beauty of my home. This is where www.photowalla.com helps me out.

About Photowall

Photowall is a Sweden based company, which makes top-quality wall décor that gives rooms a brand new look and feel. All of their motifs are handpicked and printed to order. You can choose from thousands of motifs from their entire range or create and order wallpaper and prints with your own designs. Let me tell you more about their high quality products and their assembly.

1) Wallpaper:

They use highest quality materials and printing for their wallpapers and are printed to the exact dimensions so that they can perfectly fit the wall. The have an amazing collection of wallpapers. Their wallpapers are UV-resistant, PVC Free, fire rated, durable, wipeable, resistant to scrapes, suitable for cleaning products and are environment friendly. The best part is that wallpaper paste is included.

2) Canvas Prints:

Prints are completely unique. You can choose the shape and size of your canvas print according to what works best on your wall. The canvas prints are available in sizes all the way up to 59 inches in both width and height. As prints are of highest quality and UV-resistant so they don’t fade in sunlight. The frame arrives with everything needed for assembly, including a mounting hanger.

3) Framed Prints:

These are made up of best materials and are put together by experienced frame makers. Each frame undergoes a manufacturing process that combines precision and expertise. The prints are delivered pre-assembled and ready to be hung on the wall.

4) Posters:

Posters at Photowall are entirely unique and can be customized in both size and design according to your wishes. You can choose from several different sizes ranging from 11 to 59 inches in width.

5) Creating your own image: You can upload your own image and order it instantly. Photowall has a team of expert photo editors who are happy to help if you would like to change the image in any way, such as changing the color, or adding or removing objects.

My Experience

Needless to say that they have an amazing collection of products which leave you spoilt for choices. After surfing their website for a whole day, I finally decided to order a canvas print for my living room. I ordered ‘Autumn Maple (Item Number: e1490’)’ Canvas print from them as I wanted to give my living room a new look. I customized the order as per my preferences and was happy to see that my order was shipped within two days of ordering.

Finally, It was delivered at my doorstep within a week of ordering. As it was a big package so my kids were more excited than me for opening it. After getting the first glimpse of the print, my daughter exclaimed, ‘WOW’. To be honest, I just loved it totally. I assembled it and placed it on the wall in my living room. It has certainly enhanced the look of my room. Even my neighbors and other family members loved it too. I shared the pics with my friends and they too appreciated the design.

Final Words

It has been my first order with Photowall and I am completely satisfied with their service. Let it be easy ordering process, hassle free customization to on-time delivery of product, they have simply exceeded my expectations.

I am definitely going to place my next order with them pretty soon. I would also recommend you to give them a try, you can use my code “parilifestyle25” to get 25% discount on any product on their website and I am sure that you surely be delighted. Do not forget to share your experiences in the comments below. If you have any question/query, then feel free to contact me via comments or through my social media channels. Till then, Bub-Bye!!!!!!


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