A True Story Of Best Friends

It’s a story of Neeraj & Priyanka

Neeraj was the most handsome boy of the college. Let it be sports or the academics, he excels in every field. He was a typical ‘Jispe saari ladkiyan marti thi’ type hunk of the college, but he had a feeling for someone else…

That special someone was none other than his best friend, Priyanka, who was a very simple, good-looking, down to earth girl. But she was unaware of Neeraj’s feelings towards her.

All the girls were jealous of Priyanka, as she was Raj’s best friend. The thing that bothers them the most was that, how a simple girl like Priyanka can be a bestie of the most stylish and handsome boy of college, Neeraj. But the truth as that they both were really the best friends.

Whenever Priyanka needs any piece of advice, Neeraj was always there to help her out. Everyone in Neeraj’s family know about his feeling for her, but on the other hand, Priyanka always considered Neeraj to be his bestie and never had any feeling for him.

Life was going happily and one day Priyanka got engaged to someone else. To convey this special moment of her life, she called Neeraj. Seeing the happiness in the voice of Priyanka while sharing the news, he too became happy but with a broken heart…

He happily took part in all her marriage rituals and activities, managing everything perfectly, so as to ensure a perfect wedding for Priyanka. And finally the day arrived when Priyanka went away from him and hence the connection between was blocked.

But one day while having conversation with her friend Sheetal, Priyanka came to know about Neeraj’s feeling towards her, that how deeply he was in love with her. At first she couldn’t believe Sheetal, but after hanging up the phone, she recollected all the moment they both have spent together, moments when Neeraj used to take care of her all small wishes……..the most cherishable and happiest part of her life.

She cried that whole day, questioning herself repeatedly that why didn’t she noticed Neeraj’s feeling. How can she call herself Neeraj’s bestie when she can’t understand him properly? She was in guilt but then this is life.

After gathering her courage, she dialled that familiar number of Neeraj and as soon as the phone was picked up from the other side, she asked only one question:

“Neeraj, Were you in love with me?”

And he replied, “Yes, I was and I am still in love with you…”

To this Priyanka replied, “Kaash Neeraj Tumne tab kaha hota toh life would have been different for both of us, as I too was also in love with you, but I never let my this feeling to rise because you were the most handsome boy and I was a simple girl, that’s why I never said this to you.”

After this there was a pin drop silence on both side, and finally the phone disconnected…

The story of Neeraj and Priyanka tells us, how a true love separated just because they both were scared to lose their friendship by conveying their feelings for each other.

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34 thoughts on “A True Story Of Best Friends”

  1. Life can be so strange. If only one of them would have shared their feelings, life would be different. Very cute! Keep writing.

  2. This is really a heartfelt story. I always believe that one should confess their feelings no matter if it is hate, love or indifference always on time.

  3. The story shows the most common ending of a love relationship. and I agree it happens with so many people. you had written it so well. all characters look like a real-life character.

  4. That’s such a heart touching story of Neeraj and Priyanka. Is this story in any way related to you ? I wish the story had a happy ending. It’s important to share our feelings than to regret later.

  5. Such an intense story..it deeply touched my heart..life is always different if you spend it with the one you love..

  6. What a beautiful story I wish they both be together at the end. Thanks for sharing WhatsApp status comes handy and quick.

  7. That’s a beautiful heart touching story. Loved reading it. It’s really important to share our feelings than keeping it with ourselves.

  8. Lovely story..sadly probably true for soo many people.it is heartbreaking how complicated love and relationships can be…i wish everyone was more courageous and would share their feelings.

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